Apple Juice And Formula

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Jennbj - October 6

Okay so I have been exclusively br___tfeeding my 6 month old and so now he will have nothing to do with formula of any kind because it doesn't taste as sweet as the br___tmilk. I have to wean him before he turns 9 months cuz dh and I are going on a cruise. I am looking for ways to sweeten formula so he will at least take it and I can gradually get it to straight formula. I've tried mixing it with br___tmilk and that didn't work. So tonight I mixed 3 oz water with 1 scoop formula and 1 oz apple juice. He took it pretty well (not great) but better than anything else I've tried. He only drank 2 oz of it then he wsa full. ( he ate a jar of peas right before). Is it okay to mix the juice and formula or will it give him a tummy ache? Any other suggestions would be welcome as well. I know I still have 3 months before I leave but I am already starting to stress about it. Thanks!!


spamanda - October 6

Are you giving the formula to your son? I know mine wouldn't take formula from me when we first started supplementing (at about 8 mos.) but he'd take it in a bottle from DH. I'd see if your husband can try it. Oh, and do it when he's hungry.... you can always nurse him later if he won't take the bottle as well. We played around with different proportions of water/formula before we found what worked well with DS. The formula we used tasted quite sweet. Not exactly like b___stmilk (well of COURSE I tasted it, lol) but it was quite close. We used an organic formula called Baby's Only. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you! ~spam


jen327 - October 7

Yes, try someone else giving him the formula, he can smell your b___st milk and he is not going to settle when he knows it is right there!


MNMOM - October 8

I would think that the acid in the apple juice would curdle the formula and turn it sour??? I don't know but keep trying the formula, when they are hungry enough they will take it, and it is easier if someone else gives it to them also.



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