Are Anyone Of You Also Perpetually Here

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wenling - January 4

Are anyone of you also perpetually here?


TC - January 4

What do you mean Wenling?


CEM - January 4

Am I here all the time? Pretty much. When I have a minute to myself I usually get on here. The cleaning is starting to slide, the first step in a downward spiral!


monica - January 4

Oh...cant you see monica everywhere!!!


Shelly - January 4

I am never here...LOL!!


monica - January 4

there you are shelly, I sent out a post for you and Narcissus....I had not seen you in a day or I was wondering were you where.


Rachael mommy2lucas - January 4

I practically live here! : )


Shelly - January 4

Monica....I just saw that post


TC - January 4

OOOOOO DUH! That is what you're talking about. I am not here all the time, but I am surely here a lot throughout the day. My time here has slowed down a bit since Danny was sick.


monica - January 4

TC how is danny doing?


TC - January 4

He is doing much better now, thanks. The cold is just about gone. The diaper rash is doing well also. When I told my mother that he had a diaper rash, she said "throw some good ole' fashion Desitin on him." Thats what I did and it really worked. Both my dh and I now have gotten the cold from the little germ box (Danny) and we both sound like Barry know, voices very deep.


newmom - January 4

See my son is born here...LoL..Well i'm here whenever i get a a chance, specially when my son is taking naps.


Jbear - January 4

I'm here a lot, especially since we all started being so nice to each other :-)


wenling - January 4

sorry.. bad english.. I'm here all the time but i don't post all the time cos i got nothing to say. My dh thiinks i am obsessed with Ds. And my parents who are over sometimes keep asking me "Why do you keep going to pregnancy websites? you've already given birth..."


The real Lissi - January 4

I just can't keep away from this place. I guess because I'm no longer going to work and saying hello to familiar faces everyday, it's good to come here and talk to some familiar names instead.


monica - January 5

Wenling how old is your son?


Ranya - January 5

I'm here all the time as well, although I don't always post I read most of the time, it's easier while b___stfeeding :) My husband thinks I'm crazy and my friends are sick of hearing "some girls on the forum" this or that...I was worse when I was pregnant though...Wenling, I went to Singapore on my honeymoon for a couple of days on our way from Bali to Phuket...I especially enjoyed Orchard Road :) you guys have the most amazing malls! Also saw pink dolphins on Sentosa (sp) Island!



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