Are Cloth Diapers Worth It

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kr - October 15

Hi, I'm registering for my shower and my MIL asked if I wanted to use cloth diapers. This is my first, and I will be stay-at-home, so I think I will have the time to put up with the hassle. Barring any kind of allergy/rash, would cloth diapers be better for me and my baby?


myself - October 15

They have their pros and cons. -You have to scoop the poop into the toilet which can be gross -You have to change the baby asap because the plastic pants keep the wetness so close to the skin, but that also helps with potty training. -the diapers and pants can be expensive, but even with the cost of washing they are still cheaper in the end -there is alot of laundry to do. In the end I switched to disposables, it was just easier on me with two in diapers, but if you are willing there is not harm in trying. I would ask for some at your shower just so you have them to try out.. if you don't like them no biggie. They are always nice to have just incase anyway.


kr - October 15

Yah, I kinda figured, but I am young and naive, so I think I'll take a shot. Maybe I'll do disposable for outings and overnight. I may as well since my MIL is talking about a service. I would only have to rinse and store them in a hamper for a week. So if I experiment, can you tell me what cut and fasteners worked for you? Did you try any non-plastic cover pants? thanks


myself - October 15

No I couldn't find any cover pants that were non plastic. Would have been nice too, turns out my little one is a bit sensative to the plastic. I didn't buy any of mine, they were mostly hand me downs and gifts at my baby shower. I had a few that needed safety pins so i didn't use those at all.. the rest either had plastic snaps on the sides or velcro.. I like the velcro one's better as the waist size was more adjustable.. the one's with the snaps only had two or three sets of snaps on the sides, so not much variation. As for the cut, I have no idea. It has been so long since I used them I am not even sure I checked the package. Hopefully you will get a few different kinds at your shower then you can try them out and see what works best for you then you can just go out and buy that kind for the next size up. Good luck :)


twist - October 15

Did you know that you are supposed to put waste from disposables down the toilet as well? think of all that s*** festering in landfills. There are a lot more options for re-usable diapers now, some are more expensive, like the fitted brands like Motherease (Canadian made) or Tots-bots (English). Do a search on the net for cloth diapers and you will find a lot of info. I was lucky enough to be given hand-knitted covers for mine, that is always an option if you can knit. Otherwise, look up woollen or wool soakers, that's what they are often called. Also try looking up "nappies", you will probably find more under that as that is what they call them in a lot of countries. Nappy rash shouldn't be a problem while using cloth, if it is, it means baby isn't being changed often enough, or laundry powder residue is being left on the diapers, causing a reaction. One more thing to consider is the gel that is used inside the disposables, it was banned from feminie hygiene products in the 80's, yet is still the most common absorbing compound found in diapers. It is thought (though not proven) that it may have links to sterility in some men. Disposables are convenient, but I always think, would I like to wear scratchy plastic pants all day? Not really!


P - October 15

Sweetcheeks has wool(?) diaper covers. It's a British Columbia company run by two mom's out of their homes. I tried the cloth diaper thing but it just wasn't working for me. To this day she's only had one rash and that was from the cloth diaper. Whether it was because I didn't change her quick enough or if there was soap residue, I don't know, but I haven't used them since and she hasn't had a rash. She's seven months old now.


kr - October 16

Thanks for the news. I am a little concerned though about the wool, both my mother and myself are allergic to wool. I have read about fleece and polyester covers. Have you heard about them?


P - October 16

I think they are actually fleece, I just couldn't think of the


twist - October 17

allergic to wool, that is a shame. fleece covers are good too, and something called PUL, not sure what it stands for, but it is a kind of plastic that is breathable. Also, to make fastening easier, you can buy these thingees called snapees or snappies, so you don't need to use pins. For really good info check out the nappy lady in the UK. It doesn't matter where in the world you are, she will know what products are available in your country and will help you figure out what would best work for you. She doesn't charge for her services either. I think it's If that doesn't work, just do a search. Hope this helps.


kr - October 17

thanks to everyone, I now have many good ideas.


nura - October 17

I didn't like using the cloth because of all the mildew problems I had. I wouldn't recommennd it.


kr - October 17

Mildew? Are you meaning in the diapers after they were waiting to be washed? Where do you live? Did you store the diapers in something air-tight? I hadn't even thought of mildew.


HEATHER - October 18



joslynnsmom - October 19

Cloth diapers are not much more of a ha__sel than disposable diapers. My husband and I are young we had our diaper when I was 21 I was finishing my bachelors degree and he worked full time. It was really his idea he is kinda earth friendly so I said fine. It was really easy our friends are now having children and asking us where to buy diapers and accessories. We did one extra load of laundry a week that was it and a little extra folding. It is a lot different than when our mothers and grandmothers used cloth diapers. Washers and dryers are a lot better and it is definately not as gross. Please give it a try what could it hurt.


Terio - October 20

Dear god if you saw the diaper I just changed about an hour ago, you'd understand why I never considered cloth. (My gag reflexes are still being tested just typing about it...) Can't imagine scooping all that out and rewashing the diaper to use again tomorrow. You're a stronger woman than me, Joslynnsmom. :-)


excited2bemama - October 20

I thought about it briefly.. Bumgenius makes nice diapers ( they expand as they grow so you only need one size. Alot of people use Funz BUnz diapers too.


Val - October 20

We've been using cloth on our baby (he's nearly 5 months old) and it's not too much ha__sle. We did get some nice supplies, like a great bin for holding the dirty diapers, and a sprayer (that hooks up to the toilet) to rinse the diapers. We've used the regular rectangular diapers with a variety of covers (no safety pins!), and also like the fuzzibunz all in ones. We get our supplies from a Portland, OR family-owned business called Babyworks (they are online) - they are super helpful and friendly (I'm not connected with them - just like to support small businesses!) fyi - we do use 7th Gen disposables at night and when we're out. There's also a diaper called G-diaper which has disposable inserts - I haven't used them but you can find them online or in some stores. Good luck!



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