Are Some Babies Truly Happier Than Others

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Leahp - May 8

Hi ladies, I was just curious, I have never been around a lot of babies in my lifetime, but I'm constantly told that my seven month old baby girl is sooooo happy. I even attended a company bbq this past weekend and three of us were pregnant together last year so we had all the babies lined up on the blanket playing and I was told that my baby was so happy, she was laughing and interacting with the other two, and they sat there with just a blank look on their face, so what is it that I'm doing? Do you think babies pick up on your energy in the womb, I was very giggly, or is it genetics, any opinions?


Shea - May 8

I have been told that my son is also a very happy baby. Hard to really say why. i know my husband has two older boys and he said he doesn't remember them being this happy. I am a pretty happy/positive person so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.


nic nac - May 8

my dd is a happy baby too. they all have different personalities like us. there are some adults that are just cranky, some are happy and some are mellow and some are just plain mean. I am a happy person so i don't know if its genetics or not.


olivia - May 8

I think it is their personality. My daughter is very happy and content, but when it comes to cracking a smile for a stranger she it dead serious. It can be embarra__sing! I keep smiling at her and trying to give her a little tickle because she just stares strangers down no matter how much they are trying to entertain her. She is mellow, and a happy baby, but dead serious a lot of the time. It is amazing how their personalities come out so young!


MystinaAlise - May 8

as odd as this is going to sound i swear babies show through while the mother is pregnant... or maybe its the mother while pregnant who shapes the baby... i dont know... all i know is the women who have happy pregnancies tend to have happy babies... and the miserable ones tend to have cranky babies... maybe its just because of how you treat the baby after its born or the environment its brought into but thats always what i have seen


Bonnie - May 8

Didn't work that way for me. I have a very high maintenence baby yet I had a wonderful easy-going preganancy. Don't get me wrong, Mason is also a happy little guy. He is just very moody and goes from one exreme to the other. I think it is just luck of the draw.


HannahBaby - May 8

I think that some babies are just happier and more content than others. I dont really think its anything more than their personalities. My neice was always a fun loving, smiley, happy baby. My nephew, however, was the TOTAL opposite. I dont think that it has anything to do with how the pregnancy went, genetics, or parenting methods (yet, but later in life can shape a person) Your baby just has a wonderful disposition!!


Rabbits07 - May 8

I think babies have their own little personalities just like adults. I'm not so sure that the actual pregnancy has anything to do with it though. Although I did read about a study that had shown that babies whose mothers had high levels of stress during the first trimester were more likely to exhibit symptoms of ADHD as children. I don't put alot of stock in research findings though because they'll probably be saying the opposite tomorrow.


hello - May 9

I agree with hannah baby.. I hated pregnancy, i was not happy throughout it at all much... I am not a happy happy joyous person but i would say i am content and happy with life though not an estatic bubbly woman like some u see who never stop smiling... My daughter is extremely placid and happy, she didnt get it from me


Jamie - May 9

I honestly have no idea. I am not one of those always-smiling people, I have battled severe depression most of my life, and only in the last few years have I felt I was making any headway. I had a horrible, miserable pregnancy, and yet, people are always commenting on how happy and wonderful my daughter is. She rarely cries, and if she does cry, it's only for a minute, and more than a whimper than an actual cry. We have been asked how we managed to get her to be such a people-baby, as we can take her into a crowded place, and have her pa__sed from person to person to person that she's never met, and she will be laughing and giggling the whole time. I think a lot has to do with the parenting...I have always tried to respond to her as quickly as possible, and also tried to look at the world from her point of view, so that I can understand and try to alleviate any fears she might have, etc, but I don't believe that's the only reason she's as happy as she is. I was kind've thinking about something similar this morning - Serenity won't fall asleep on her own. She never has. I will hold her, and she usually falls asleep in about 5 minutes, sometimes less - but a friend's baby just cuddles with whatever blanket she's on, and falls asleep on her own. So, I was wondering - does Serenity have to be held because I have always held her? Or, if I hadn't always held her, would she be harder to put to sleep? Did I create the need, or did I alleviate it? There's really no way to know, because even if I do things differently with my next child, that child will have a different personality.


Justine1 - May 9

I'm always being told my baby is very happy too and she is - constantly smiling at everyone. I had a very difficult pregnancy so it can't be that in my case. She was very happy when she was born - rarely crying and noticeably calmer than many of the other babies at the hospital when she was born. I'm really glad she's so happy - not sure why it is though.


l - May 9

why are you worried about it ,sounds like a good thing.


Bonnie - May 9

Ugh, having a baby who is more high maintenence has NOTHING to do with how good of a parent you are, nor does having a happy baby. It has to do with their personality and every baby is different. Look at twins. There is nothing worse for a new mother who deals with a cranky baby to have to hear from someone else about how good their baby is and that it must be because of their parenting techniques.


Jamie - May 10

So, Bonnie, you're saying that if I completely ignored my daughter every time she cries, and fed her only when it was convenient for me, etc., that she'd still be a happy baby? Regardless of how horrible a parent I was being? I don't buy that for one instant. Babies are happy when their needs are met. Good parents do their best to meet the needs of their child. Which is not to say that a cranky baby obviously has bad parents. All babies are different, as you said, and so some babies naturally have needs that are more difficult to meet. As I said before - good parenting plays a role, but can't be the only reason for a happy baby.


Leahp - May 10

Well, it seems all the sudden this has turned into a parenting thing, where that's what I was not saying at all, but I think it could have a little basis to it! If I think of all my friends with babies, the one's that are very uptight and stress about every little thing have the babies that are very cranky and high maintenance, not saying that they're good parents, but they put off a very anxiety ridden energy and babies pick up on that, but the ones that are totally relaxed and go with the flow have very happy babies, just an observation, I could be wrong, but I was veering more towards if it was energy we put off or genetics.


Bonnie - May 10

No that is not what I said. Pbviously if you ignore a baby he will be cranky. But we are not talking about abuse. What I said simply was that if you are "blessed" with a baby who has a more difficult personality, it does not mean you are a bad parent. And having an easy-going baby does not mean you are a better parent than someone who has a baby who is more cranky. My son was born with bad reflux and has a high-maintenece personality on top of that. He is simply what I would call very emotional. When he is happy, is very happy and when he is cranky (often), watch out! Personally, I choose to think he came to me this way for a reason but it takes a lot of patience to deal with that. I realise you did not make your comment bad and I apologise for sounding defensive. Yesterday was just one of those trying days at home with him. It happens. Some days arebetter than others. I have seen comments from other people who will say things like, "My baby is so calm and happy, it must be the way I parent her." Meanwhile, here I am doing everything in my power to deal with my son and it takes so much work when they are high-maintenence. I'm sure you can imagine how frustrating that can be to hear something like that. My point simply, is that if you are one of the "lucky" ones with a high-needs baby, it does not mean your parenting style is worse or not as good as someone with a calm, happy baby.


Leahp - May 10

I know Bonnie, it must be frustrating, because I must say, when my baby does have her cranky moments, I have to dig deep for patience!! It will get better!!! I know up until my baby was nine weeks old every night at 5 or 6 she would cry and cry, colic I suppose, but my husband and I dreaded that part of the day, it was very hard! But ever since she turned six months old things have gotten wonderful!!



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