Are There Any Useful Newborn Books That You Reccommend

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YC - November 1

Hello Mommies- I still have about six and a half weeks to go but I was wondering what books(s) you found the most helpful/realistic about taking care of a newborn. Especially those first couple of weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 1

I did not read any newborn books until my son had colic at two weeks, then I got "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp. It sort of deals specifically with colic and ways to calm down a fussy baby. It has some good theories and techniques that helped me out. Ohter than that, not sure! Good luck to you and welcome!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 1

I have What to Expect the First Years, but only read it when I was pregnant. I think the most helpful things to me are parenting magazines (Parents, Baby Talk, Child, etc) I get them monthly and read every article (and always read about older babies) That is what I have done and I now know realistically what other babies are doing at my daughters age. Alot of books wills ay If your baby is not sitting by 5 months then there is something wrong with him, but when reading other peoples stories it makes more sense, as long as they are holding their head up they are fine, etc. Anyway that is what I recommend b/c one book will say one thing and then another will say something totally different!


Jamie - November 1

I like What to Expect The First Year


Narcissus - November 1

DH liked the same book as Jamie and I like Dr. Sears Baby Book. I also read magazines, mostly the freebies from this site, for advice. They are quite helpful.


Heidi - November 1

What to Expect the First year. I got it for a dollar at a garage sale. It's like my bible!!!! It's very rea__suring.


Tanya - November 1

Tracy Hogg "Secrets of the baby whisperer - how to calm, connect, and communicate with your baby". The baby whisperer book is a good send, tells you how to differentiate their cries and what to look for whether they are hungry or over tired - VERY helpful! As well I have the what to expect first year book that I use as well!


Tanya - November 1

LOL - that is GOD send - not good send!



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