Are We Feeding Too Much And Too Often

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BWIND - March 4

Okay, I'm a first time mom, and everything worries me or stresses me out. Our son will be 3 weeks old in a few days. How much formula should he be eating? He eats anywhere from 2 1/2 oz- 4 oz. He usually eats a good 3 oz. sometimes a little more. We feed him every 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hours. Is this too much formula to be giving him? Also, he has problems having bowel movements. He has one every day and half or so. I can tell it hurts him. Some people have recomended giving him an oz. of water. Is this safe? we've also been given him Milicon drops in his bottles....just a few drops in each. It seems to help. Has anyone ever given there little one drops in every bottle? Sorry, everything makes me nervous. I wish children came with a instruction book:)


jolou - March 5

BWIND, the amount of formula you are giving your son seems fine to me. My son is 7 weeks, and at 3 weeks he was eating roughly an oz an hour (usually 4 oz every 4 hours), so it sounds fine to me. If your baby is hungry feed it, that's why they say to feed on demand!! From what I can gather you can't over-feed a small baby - if they are not hungry they just won't eat! I don't know what Milicon is (I'm in the UK), but as long as you are following guidelines on the bottle I'm sure they are fine. I give DS the recommended dose of something called Infacol every feed - it's to help wind him. Giving your baby water is fine, just make sure it's cooled boiled water, not just out of the bottle or tap, and that it's in addition to feeds, not in place of. It can make bowel movements easier, but it's worth keeping in mind that most babies cry, go red in the face and strain when they are poo-ing. My son only 'goes' about once a day - some babies poop more than others! If it is in a regular patten for him, and is usually soft, then you don't have a problem, just a baby that poops less then some other babies. If you want you can try rubbing your's sons belly in a clockwise motion - this can help them pa__s gax, and aid bowel movements. Try to relax - I'm a first time mum too, and it get easier. Hope this has helped a little. xx


mandee25 - March 7

BWIND that sounds just about right what you are feeding him. I am a first time mom too and no question is stupid. I use Oval drops once in a while in my LO's bottles for gas problems. Just follow the guidelines and you will be fine. Have fun being a mom!



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