Are You Done Having Babies How Did You Know

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HEATHER - January 15

well im preg with baby #2 and I always said I wanted 2 thats it!! now im getting sad cause I only have 7 weeks left and I dont want it to end, im realizing this is the last time, that this baby will be my last time going threw the baby stage, and it just makes me sad. DH is wanting to get snipped shortly after the birth, just to make sure we are done. Which I was totally on agreeance with him about, but now im not sure.... How did you know you were done?


Rabbits07 - January 15

I have 6 and still don't feel done to the point that I'd get anything permanent!


krnj - January 15

Hi I might consider having one more if I don't have a girl this time. I always said 2 and that's it! We live in an expensive area so 3 might put us over the edge! lol Not to mention that I'm in my late 30's so I'm pretty sure we're done after this one.


soon2bemomof3 - January 15

i'm 35 and had my 3rd child, a boy, a few months ago, I had my tubes tied. 3 is all we can afford (really more than we can afford right now) plus I'm just tired. I couldn't imagine having any more. Yes it was a little bittersweet after I had it done but I know in my heart it was best.


ConnorsMommy - January 15

I'm in the same boat as you Heather.. except I still have 15 weeks to go and my DH DOESN'T want to get snipped because "we're still young and what if we want more in a few years..".. Our first is a boy and so is this baby.. I'd LOVE to have a girl.. but I don't know if I could handle three kids (rabbits, I have no clue how you handle 6!..).. I have two reasons for wanting to stop with 2. If we have a third, I'd want him/her to be close in age with their brothers (the boys are going to be 16mos. apart)... meaning I'd have 3 kids under the age of 4! AH! That kind of scares me! lol.. my other reason for wanting to stop with 2 is I want to go on family vacations, but I want to wait till the boys are at least 4 and 5 years old.. if we had a third, we'd have to wait even longer.. I know that kind of sounds selfish, but I always loved to go on family vacations when I was younger and always dreamed of one day taking my family on vacations.


sahmof3 - January 15

We always said 3 was out limit, but that we would see how it went when we had two... if it was too much we would stop at two. Well, my daughter (2nd) was such an easy baby that we decided we did want another. When my son (3rd) came along I knew that was that. We had all we could afford and I've had all c-sections, plus several other pelvic surgeries, so I couldn't handle anymore... for me it was pretty clear in my mind that I was done. I had a tubal with my c-section. Anyway, I have had those same feelings you describe when I was pregnant with my 3rd, but at the same time I knew I was done. It's still bittersweet because I miss being pregnant and having a newborn around. Anyway, talk it over w/ your dh and tell him how you feel... maybe he will hold off on anything permanent until you decide for sure.


sahmof3 - January 15

*our limit*


lexa - January 15

Oh my goodness, you so sound like me!!! My lo is now 3.5 months, and she is my last. My son is 9. We decided we were done also, and dh is planning on the "snip" this spring. I was also in agreeance with this, however, knowing I will never have anymore saddens me alot! I know financially it is best for us. And also healthwise for me. But I think it's knowing we are done is what makes it harder to bear. Then I think....maybe we'll have an "accident" before he gets snipped. HMMM Then I think, I want alone time with dd. It's not fair to her. That is honestly a very hard decision to make. I know for me, there would be absolutely NO way of talking my dh into another one. So we are done. Just think, you will have 2 beautiful healthy children to love and spoil rotten. And look forward to the day that they have children. Knowing they are the only 2 I will have makes me appreciate them more and spoil them more:-) It is a sad thing. But it is also a happy thing if you let it be. (I know that sounds weird...sorry)


Emily - January 15

Well this last one has put a strain on the budget and my dh nerves....I would like to hold off on any kind of permant bc. I am sad knowing Marcy could be our last. I would like a boy as well as dh. We decided to wait until Marcy is two to even think about it agian. haveing two within two years is tough. We had 6 mos with both i we are thinking that we will wait until our last is out before we think about it. By then we may know for sure one way or the other, but I am so afraid that he will not want anymore as he will be 31 this year and he is all about how old he will be when the kids do this and that.....


HEATHER - January 15

Dh would never do anything with out my concent, and I do think we have the perfect family in the making 1 girl and a boy on the way... and I also like you sahmof3 am very much a family vacation person and I cant see doing that with 3. 2 just seems perfect, also financially I we couldnt do it.. but I am so afraid to do anything perminant, but on the flipside Im afraid not to, as I might push for a 3rd when we dont need another....


HEATHER - January 15

also my kids will be exactly 18 months apart, I starting talking about getting preg when my dd was just 3 months old, couldnt convince dh till she was about 9 months, then we got preg right away... I am also afraid of having a oops while b___stfeeding, I will be on the mini pill, but I dont think they work all that great. and you cant take or do anything else till after your done nursing...


sahmof3 - January 15

Heather... We also got pregnant with our 3rd when dd was 8 months and still bfing. I mean we had decided we wanted a third, but we didn't expect that we would make the decision and get pregnant 2 days later (especially since it took 21 months ttc my daughter) LOL. I wasn't on the mini-pill, but a friend of mine was while bfing and still got pregnant. I agree with you... I don't know if I'd trust it.


rl- - January 15

I have 3 sons 2 with my ex husband and one with the current and this is my currents first and only child and we are done he told me that he only wanted one kid so he would not feel like he missed out on anything and so we had our one I am 36 yrs old and I feel like that is too old to be having more and that is just me I know that many are waiting longer these days but I really don't want to be 40 poping out another kid lol so at the end of this month if everything goes as planned I will be fixed and dh is fine with that and so am I...our friends just had a baby girl on 12/29 and they brought her over and yes she is so sweet and I held her the whole time they were over LOL but I have made my peace that I will never have a girl maybe I will get lucky with a granddaughter!! ( :


Justine1 - January 15

I've just had my second a little boy Nicholas and we've decided to stop at two. I always wanted two, DH initially wanted three but now is very happy with two - I don't think he realised the work or the expense involved until we had them. I always wanted at least one girl and I've got that now plus my little man. I wouldn't get anything permanent done to stop us having another just incase we change our minds though.


mcatherine - January 15

If you can't decide if you're done - why don't you get an IUD. They have 5 and 10 year and you take them out if you change your mind. Me, I'm done. Two sons - 11 years apart. I was supposed to get my tubes done this past Saturday, but we postponed because my husband got scared I would reget it and want to try for a daughter, but I'm with rl - a granddaughter sounds good to me! Also, I have neices and a new goddaughter I can spoil!!


punkin01 - January 15

heather i just made a post yesterday in refrence to the same thing i have 1 with my ex a son and a DD with hubby and another son on the way with hubby and i am wondering if i may change my mind in years to come can read my post OT tubes tied .......i still have a way to go so maybe i can decide by then



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