Are You Going To Give Your Baby Cereal

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AutumnsMommy - January 19

I was just curious if anyone else planned on skipping cereal all together? I did quite a bit of research on it and it seems unnecessary for Autumn to have cereal...anyone else??


Heidi - January 19

I'm looking forward to my doc giving me the go ahead to try it. I'm hoping to use it at night to help fill her tummy more in hopes she sleeps better at night, even though some belive this doesn't help. I'll try anything! But not before my doc gives me the go ahead.


Kristina - January 19

I prefer jarred foods over rice cereal, because it is sterile.


FF - January 19

My son is almost 6 months and we started with cereal, but he wouldn't eat the boxed kind at all. He will eat the jarred kind that is mixed with applesauce and/or bananas so he gets it for breakfast. I guess it isn't really necessary, but I like that it has plenty of iron unlike some of the veggies/fruits he also enjoys.


kaylynnsmom - January 19

I'm thinking of skipping the cereal altogether also. I'm b___stfeeding and planning on doing so exclusively for at least 6 months and then to continue until Kaylynn decides she doesn't want to anymore. The more I read about it too I find that it is really unnecessary especially for the b___stfed child.


Barb - January 19

I'm going to give Trinity cereal too when the doc. says ok... I'm looking forward to it : )


HELLO - January 20

i do not know what you were reading but that is what babies start off on first off because it will not give them an allergy. I would be reading again or asking a doctor. To kaylns mom, do you not plan to start solids at the age of 6 months? She may decide when she is 3 she doesn't want to be b___st fed.


HEATHER - January 20

It may be unnecessary but,....My dd at 4.5 months not LOVES cerael! She actually the last few nights when it gets to be around "cerael time" same time every night, she has been getting fussy, i tried to give her the b___b first last night and she refused but swallowed down 1/3 cup rice creael. Im planning to only give 1 meal cerael till 6 months (going threw each kind and ending with flavored kinds) before I move to veggies. I will be giving canned only because they offer so much more variety than what we eat and I want her to like more than the 5 veggies I eat. Then fruits, then meats-those I will probably make myself.


HEATHER - January 20

oops I dont know where the -not-before LOVES came from.


Erin - January 20

As soon as my doc gave us the go ahead at 4 months, we started cereal. Now my daughter looks forward to cereal time...I mix it with peaches,banana or pears and she is happy as a clam! I don't find it helps her sleep better, but I find that she is really enjoying it, and now wants to see what I am eating all of the time too.


mom42 - January 20

I gave rice cereal. It was a nice transition since the texture can be moderated. Also, she liked it cuz it tasted like b___stmilk. She still eats it at 5.5 mos because it is easy to make, she likes it and is easy to travel with.


kaylynnsmom - January 21

TO HELLO - of course I plan to start solids at 6 months, like I siad, I plan to b___stfeed EXCLUSIVELY for 6 months and to continue for as long as she wants, not continue exclusively for as long as she wants. SHe'll get solids, just maybe not cereal. If, by six months, she is more interested in what I eat and seems developmentally ready, then I will start her off on some veggies & maybe some fruits. ON yeah, its Kaylynns mom, - not Kaylns mom.



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