Are You Having Trouble Getting Baby To Sleep Stay Asleep

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Jenn... - October 14

I was having trouble. So I bought the book The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantly. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! Your precious baby doesn't have to cry to learn to fall asleep anymore :)


Amanda N - October 14

Can you offer anymore on that?


anna - October 14

where did you buy it @


nelly - October 14

Where can I get it?


Jenn... - October 14

Moms and dads - are you so frazzled from sleepless nights you don't know what to do? Then you need - REALLY need - this remarkable book. Until now, new parents had to let their child cry himself or herself to sleep, or get up repeatedly all night themselves to console their little one. Elizabeth Pantley, author and parent educator, offers you a practical alternative. Her best-selling book, The No-Cry Sleep Solution, guides you through an easy ten-step program. She'll show you how to understand infant sleep patterns and set realistic sleep goals for your baby improve your baby's sleep patterns using individualized sleep logs find baby sleep solutions tailored to your individual parenting style create a customized sleep plan designed just for you and your baby. Bottom line: The No-Cry Sleep Solution helps everyone in your home get more rest. When you think about it, isn't a good night's sleep worth $14.95?


Jenn... - October 14

I copied the above from the net. I purchased my book on ebay, but you can probably get it at any bookstore in the baby section.


BBK ® © - October 14

Jenn, glad it worked for you. We tried it it worked for a while then not. The ideas in the book are good, but certainly not unique. By her own admission mrs Pantley says that her method may take up to 8 weeks for it to work??? Maybe if she included a prozac prescription... I also laughed at her suggestion to "pretend you're asleep" in order to reduce night feedings? Cute, but not realistic. Thanks for the review though



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