Are You Kidding Me

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KLC - February 22

Aaron Jr. is 10 months old. He has always gotten up once a night for a bottle. Now he is getting up 3 times a night! I'm going insane. I tried just giving him his paci but that is NOT cutting it. He wants that bottle. Last night he got so mad about it that he was pounding his little fists on the matress in a fit! Unbelievable. Its not his teeth as he is for once not teething and nothing but the bottle will stop his fit of rage. Why is he doing this all of a sudden? None of my other children ever did this so I am at a total loss. I know he eats a lot during the day so I can't imagine that he could be so hungry. HELP!


Lisastar9 - February 22

Is he doing a late growth spurt.


KLC - February 22

Maybe that's it but man - he is nocturnal lately...LOL


USMC_wife - February 22

Hey...not to hijack your thread or anything, but we get to go meet "snowball" tonight!


KLC - February 22

Oh that is great!!! You'll have to let me know how it goes USMC!!! Are you taking her home tonight???


USMC_wife - February 22

Well, she isn't getting spayed until Tuesday, so I don't know if e would be able to take her before then. They want her to be fully vetted before adoption, which makes total sense. I hope we can bring her home tonight though :) I can take her to her appt. next week!! lol.


KLC - February 22

you think your in love now - wait until you meet her. Boxers do this thing called kidney beaning. Where their whole b___ts wiggle cause their so excited and then theres the famous smooshy face - they are just the best. With Fletcher it was love at first sight!!!


USMC_wife - February 22

Oh, I love the b___t wiggle!! They are like the happiest dogs ever. I had a boxer years ago, and he did this really funny snorting thing. He had a bit of an underbite too, so sometimes it would look like he was grinning real big. I miss him.......


Smilefull - February 22

hey KLC have you tried giving him just water in the bottel at night?


Heather F - February 22

if hes hungry feed him, he will get back to normal before you know it. Have you tried cluster feeding right before he goes to bed?


Erin1979 - February 22

GROWTH SPURTS!!! ahhhhh! I totally feel your pain. My daughter did this about 10 months as well. It lasted about a week, then, back to normal. Hang in there!!


HannahBaby - February 22

My daughter did this for THREE months when she was 16,17 and 18 months. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for THREE months. I have no idea why she did it, but one night it just stopped.....good luck


ry - February 22

Hey Kristy, sorry you are dealing with this. Must be a growth spurt. Its always something isn't it? I am still flipping about those pics of you kids and Fletcher. Too stinkin cute, I am really wanting to adopt a rescue.


KLC - February 23

Thanks everyone for the advice. Yes, Smilefull, I tried the water and he is one smart cookie because he got a taste and threw the bottle . Little stinker. LOL! Anyway, I have decided that it must just be a growth spurt - he can stop that now, he's growing up too fast!!! So, I'm just bearing with it and feeding him the bottle when he wants it. Although, dare I say it - he was only up once last night - knock on fake wood that is my office desk. LOL!!! Ry- Thanks - I know I'm slightly biased but I def. think Fletcher and the kids are too cute. I love the one of him upside down - he kills me. I'm telling you rescues are the best dogs.



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