Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader

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SonyaM - February 28

Is anyone else watching this show. It's so funny. I can't believe some of the questions that the adults don't know.


Mellissa - February 28

i've caught a few minutes of both episodes. i would be out of there so fast. lol. it's amazing what we forget as we get older!


jb - February 28

It is funny, but geez....5 questions in 1/2 hour. Thats crazy! They better get more questions in or this one will be cancelled!


mcatherine - March 1

I watched it both nights with my son (he's a 5th grader). He got them all right and I'm embara__sed to say my husband and I did not the night before - but we were dead on last night! I agree with jb, though - it won't stay on too long without moving a little faster!


kellens mom - March 1

I totally agree with JB. They better pick up the pace a bit if they want to survive.


ConnorsMommy - March 1

yep, i agree with JB too... since it is only a 1/2 hour they need to move faster.... OR make it an hour long show.. but i'm sure it'd be more worth it [to them] budget-wise to just stick with a 1/2 hour. It's just SO ANNOYING how long it takes to get the question asked and answered!! Last night the 'what color do you get when you mix yellow and red?' that lady took WAY too long to answer it! the whole time i was like COME ON!!! lol


Emily - March 1

We DVR 'd the show to watch later. I have not seen it yet, but five quiestions an episode. That is what I hate about these shows these days. Get down to business.. I have seen 1 vs 100 once and that was the feeling I got, I kept wanting skip to the question…..



I hope I can catch it tonight sounds funny. Is this show on for good or just to fill in the half hour after American Idol? I guess maybe it depends on the ratings huh?


ash2 - March 1

I watched a little bit last night but it comes on so late ! 10 pm is a little late for me . Funny show though : )



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