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mommy716 - January 31

my 6 1/2 month old son is teething really bad! my mother told me to try him on arrowroot cookies but I'm afraid he mite choke! has anyone else tried there children on arrowroot cookies????


Barb - January 31

I use to give those to my kids...the hard ones? they should be ok. What really helped was putting their teethers in the freezer for a couple hours , they loved that : ) I didn't keep them in there long enough to get totally frozen, but they were really,really cold and it seemed to could try that if you're worried about choking .


mommy716 - January 31

I tried that!! it only works for about 10 minutes!


CEM - January 31

I can't buy Arrowroot cookies where I am, unfortunately, but the teething biscuits I give my 7 month old aren't very baby-friendly. They're supposed to be for babies, but he was choking on them nonstop so I stopped giving them to him. Even though they're for teething babies, it's almost as though they need teeth to eat them. I'll try again in a week or two.


ChaycesMom - January 31

I dont really know if the arrowroot cookies are made for teething, but I do know that they melt almost as fast as a baby can drool on them. I had never had a problem with my son choking on them. The other cookie you might want to try for teething is a Zweibeck cookie, they are like stale cookies, but also dont fall apart to choking size. They really helped my son. Teething ring unfortunately didnt work on him though


desiree - January 31

I am going through the same thing, my son is 10 months and started to cut eye teeth. He can eat arrowroot, but I wanted to find something nutritious for him. I googled Teething cookies recipes and now I am starting to try them out. It is hard b/c he dosent have eggs yet.


mommy716 - February 1

I gave him one yesterday.... he was fine and he liked it, he sucked on it for about an hour, man those things get messy! thanks for your input!


HEATHER - February 1

You can also try a "fresh food feeder" or "Safe food feeder" My 5 months gets to eat fresh veggies/fruits & baby cookies threw them they are awesome!! You can get them at toys r us or your can order them threw 'one step ahead'. Let me know what you think.


desiree - February 1

The first cookie is soo very cute, its as though they have discovered the yummiest thing in the world, my son sucked his too, but now he bites off pieces, and chews them up! So much for savoring!



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