Article Don T Give Cold Medications To Kids Under 6

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mamagoose - October 20

Article: No Cough, Cold Medications For Children Under 6: "Medicines used for treating coughs and colds shouldn't be used in children younger than six, U.S. federal health advisers recommended Friday. The panel of independent health experts, which gave the advice to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, also said over-the-counter medications should receive further study. The panel's recommendations are non-binding, but the FDA often follows them. The recommendation applies to medicines containing one or more of the following ingredients: decongestants, antihistamines and ant_tussives. It doesn't apply to expectorants, though many of the medicines also contain that ingredient. "If the agency chose to restrict use in children six and under, that won't necessarily lead to a ban on the products. It might lead to labelling that says 'do not use,"' said Dr. John Jenkins, director of the FDA's office of new drugs. A spokesperson for Health Canada said the agency is aware of the FDA's advisory. "Health Canada will consider the results of this meeting as we move forward with our review and recommendations regarding these products," Alastair Sinclair said, reading from a prepared statement. "Health Canada is in the process of reviewing all cough and cold products in Canada to ensure their safe use ... If further regulatory actions are required for safety reasons following this review, Canadians and health-care pract_tioners will be informed in a timely manner." Last week, Health Canada advised against giving the products to children under two. The advisory followed a recall of three infant cough and cold medications in Canada because they pose an overdose risk. ( h tt p: / /ca com/s/19102007/3/world- cough-cold-medications-children-under- 6-u-s-panel. html (take out the spaces)



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