Asking Everyone To Keep Fingers Crossed

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Jadyns Mommy - August 11

Some of you may have seen my previous posts regarding my daughters constipation issues and the care (or lack thereof) she was receiving from her pediatrician. Well, I continued to push the issue with her Dr until she finally referred me to a Pediatric Surgeon to examine her further. After the initial examination, this Dr believes that she may suffer from a condition known as Hirschsprung's disease and has scheduled her for more tests which include a baruim enema x-ray and a biopsy. If it is determined that she does suffer from this, she will have to undergo 2 or 3 surgeries in an effort to correct this. This entire situation has literally knocked me off my feet and started a whole new set of worries for me on top of the ones I already encounter as a new mom. I am asking for everyone to please say a prayer or keep your fingers crossed or any positive thoughts you can send her way. She goes in for the testing on August 25th at the Childrens Hospital. They are very booked so this was the soonest they could get her in. I hope that the tests all come back fine and she does not have this but if she does, I am thankful that it is something that can be treated and has a high success rate but I still cant bear the thought of her going through something so traumatic at only 3 months old. So please, I do not want to start any arguements of people thinking I am trying to get religious or anything on the board so if you are offended by me asking for a little prayer for my baby girl, then even just a small thought of good luck would mean the world to her and to me. She is my precious Angel. Thank you for reading this...


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - August 11

Awwww, You and Jayden will be in our prayers tonight. I hope everything comes back normal, but if not just be thankful you caught it early enough to be treated. I know that you hate to have her go through the pain, but just remember that she is probably in more pain now having bm's than she will be during the procedure. Good luck and give your baby extra kisses and hugs tonight.


P - August 11

I'm so sorry you and your little girl have to go through this. Just the thought of it gives me the chills. I'll definitely be thinking good thoughts. Good luck sweet baby!!!


KH - August 12

that's too bad- it could be worse, but I too would be concerned at the thought of any surgery. I feel for you for sure.... I will say a prayer - your children are beautiful by the way - it's nice to have a mental picture :)


Liz - August 12

I'm sorry to hear about your little one and what you must be going through. I wish you and your baby the best with everything. Let us know how everything goes.


Jbear - August 12

My daughter had to have surgery when she was three months old. She went through her procedure with no problems, recovered quickly, and even her scars have healed to the point of being invisible. It's probably more traumatic for you as a parent than it will be for your baby.


Amber - August 13

I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, by the way jadyn is absolutely precious!


E - August 13

Mommy and baby Jadyn, you are both in my thoughts and prayers!! Aja is also going through a difficult time. Maybe we can stay connected and share stories with each other? I know how difficult this is for you. Our babies are so innocent... Hugs to both of you and know I am thinking of you and relating to your fears and worries.


kEEKEE - August 14

Oh, I am so sorry to hear this about Jadyn. You and E are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard this can be. My boys and I have been through so much. I am a stronger parent because of our hardships. You and E will only get stronger during these hard times. Both of my boys had MRI before. I cried my eyes out b/c of worry. Jordan need one b/c his head wasn't rounding out. He came out find. Avery need one to prove he lost oxygen. E, Aja will get through this with flying colors. Aja is a strong little man. You will see. Y'all can get through any-thing. Jadyn Mom, Your Angel will be fine. Regardless what the tests show your love will get your babies pa__s these hard times......Remember ladies, God won't give us more than we can handle. God bless!!!


Jadyns Mommy - August 14

I cant thank you all enough for your kind words, support, thoughts and prayers. I have been reading them all to Jadyn and she just giggles away! So far all of her bloodwork has been coming back with great results so we are hopeful that the x-rays will show that she is ok as well and that this is something she will just outgrow. No matter what, all you wonderful ladies on this board have helped me get through this and all my other baby blunders..... E, you have been priceless in answering so many questions and concerns for me, I would love to connect with you so we can get through this time together. If you want, you can email me directly at [email protected] Thank you so much to everyone and have a wonderful day. I will definitely keep everyone posted on the final results. :-)


laura - August 15

GOD bless your beautiful baby. She is a lovely little girl and I will pray for you and yours.


E - August 16

Thanks for the email:) Aja has his MRI next Wednesday. I am so nervous. The potential problems a__sociated with a hole that penetrates his lower spine, are endless. He does not deserve this. Neither does Jadyn. I looked at her picture yesterday, and it made me smile. She is such a beautiful little girl:) Oh, how they can break our hearts if anything happens to them! I became a bit depressed after the birth due to the overwhelming feeling that I had regarding my new vulnerability. It hurt so much to think that if anything happened to Aja, my life would be destroyed. Nothing could pull me from that despair. Any news on Jadyn?


kEEKEE - August 16

Just checking in. Have there been any changes? So far how is her tests coming out? Take care!!! Try not to stress. She will be fine.....Hugs


Jen - August 17

Why are you putting your baby through all of this testing? It is normal for a baby to be constipated. It seems like your doctor is only doing this testing because you insisted.


Jadyns Mommy - August 17

Hi Jen, I know constipation is normal however, in Jadyns case, when she did finally go, it would tear her and cause hemorroids which is very rare in an infant. She is in such agony and it is too difficult to watch her go through this. She is too young for stool softners and she is now on a prescription laxative but it is not healthy for a baby to remain on a laxative or they could become dependant on them and never be able to have a BM on their own so we need to get to the root of the problem. Yes I had to insist on testing with the Dr and once the Dr took the time to hear a play by play of the difficulty Jadyn was going through, she agreed that we need to isolate this and correct it if there is in fact something wrong. Believe me, it is very hard knowing the test that my daughter has to go through but it is so much harder watching her clench her tiny little fists and cry out just to have a BM and if there is something out there that can make her feel better, you better believe I am going to do it as I think any mother would!


Alicia - August 17

Your definatly in my prayers tonight. and good for you for pushing with the doctors. as a mom you know when something is wrong. my little boy almost died at 3 months bc i listend to the dr tell me everything was okay. luckily a friend helped me out and we got him back to a dr. two days later and he was addmitted to the hospital for a month.. only two days before he was fine MY ASS. well he is five years old now and no problems since then I am so greatful. ill definatly pray for you and your daughter.


Alicia - August 17

oh i forgot to mention. my cousin just had a barium enima exray done last month she is 21 she said it wasnt painful at all if that makes you feel better. she said it felt like she had to take a giant poop and near the end she started getting a little cramping but no big deal. she said the thought of it hurt way worse. She was so scared she was crying in the waiting room. but it wasnt bad at all she said. i hope that makes you feel better.



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