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firstbabe - February 28

I;m lo has been different the last few days. Shes 5months old and i'm wandering if shes teething. Shes abnormally fussy and excessively drooling (more than normal). Would her gums be itchy as shes trying to rub them on "everything"? Also I'm wandering if it would affect her nose at all? Shes been rubbing it like its itchy....both with her hands and on her blanket and our shoulders....are her gums itchy and thats why shes doing it? is the nose rubbing associated with her teething? I'm at a loss here...she definetely doesn't have a cold!! Please help...


hello - February 28

It sounds like teething, it affects all kids different and some worse than others. Try rubbing some teething gel on her gums and see if that helps...if she is trying to rub her gums on everything then it sounds like it and is she biting on everything she gets a hold of? Just keep an eye on her and a check in that mouth..... teeth can take a while to come thru and she is definitely at an age where its time to start getting them..good luck


firstbabe - February 28

anything and everything goes in her mouth!! I just didn't know if the nose rubbing was a__sociated with it.


snugglybugglys - February 28

Sounds like teething to me too. Also my kids when they are teething, get a drippy nose, so maybe it's tickling her nose.


firstbabe - February 28

when do they usually "cut" their first tooth?


SuzieQ - March 1

I noticed my almost 5 month old dd is doing similar things. Especially when she's tired - she'll rub her face, be really fussy, and has a whiny kind of cry. Is she getting enough sleep?


julieB - March 1

my ds cut his first tooth at around 4 months and a week.. I would not have known until I got suspicious when everytime I nursed him I felt something sharp.. It was two choppers.. cute. they were barely there but very sharp... he never complained.. now he is 11 months and has 7 teeth and one ready to pop out any day..


LollyM - March 1

Yeah, sounds like teething. My dd got her first tooth when she was 4 month's old! She got her second a few days later, and we have yet to see any more.. she is almost 7 months now =)


Emily - March 1

six mos is about ave for first tooth but some do it much eairler, some later. My dd didnt get her first till 8 mos. My first had three teeth by 8 mos. Runny nose, fever, drolling, chewing, and diaper rash are all signs of teething. It could be like this for wuite some time......they sometimes fo through this awhile before they cut the tooth....


amber508 - March 1

certainly sounds like teething



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