At What Age Did You Little Ones Go To One Nap

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Bonnie - March 12



sahmof3 - March 12

Nathan and Justin were around 15 months and Leah was 19 months! Are girls sleepier or something LOL?


Kara H. - March 12

By sheer accident, I cheated Max out of his late morning nap two weeks ago, which used to be his ONLY nap that was 40 minutes or longer - the rest were 20-30 minutes. Hubby called to ask if we wanted to meet him for lunch so I had to hurry up and do all my errand running late morning instead of in the afternoon after Y&R goes off. :) So when we got home from errands and lunch with hubby, I fed Max some apples, topped him off with a bottle and he fell asleep in my arms. I laid him down, fully expecting him to be awake in a half and hour. But he didn't wake up for 3 hours! I kept checking to make sure he was still breathing since he NEVER naps that long. When he woke up he was as pleasant as he is in the morning. So the next day I did my best to repeat the same schedule and he slept again from 1pm - 4pm. He has been doing it ever since. Sometimes its hard to keep him up late in the morning, but it is so worth it. Having three hours to myself is pure bliss! I actually have clean hair, ironed clothes, and de-cat-furred furniture. Who would have ever thought a year ago such little things would make me so happy...


Bonnie - March 12

Maybe a better question would be, for those whose little ones nap for one hour, at what tim e do you put them down? lol Mason is going through that transition phase. It's harder for him to sleep for 2 naps and he sleeps SO much longer when he just takes one. BUT....the last 1-2 hours of the day is very rough. :(


sahmof3 - March 12

Justin does well in the morning and for awhile after lunch, but after that he has had it. I put Justin down at 1:45-2pm and he will usually sleep for about 2-3 hours. Leah just stopped napping altogether last week... I'm not too happy to have 2 kids running about during (what used to be LOL) nap time... my poor house is begging to be cleaner!!!!!


luviduvi - March 12

Bonnie, I know when the end of the day and my lo is really exhausted and cranky, I let him take a 5-10 minute cat nap. You would be amazed how much better the rest of the evening is and the nap isn't long enough to fufill any exhaution. Maybe you could try that. My ds will get one every now and then and is doesn't interupt his bedtime. In fact, it can make it easier to put him down. My dd went to one nap a day at about 7-8 months (i think)


melissa g. - March 12

my dd is 13 months this week and has been transitioning to 1 nap a day for about a month now. It's been rough! somedays she still has 2 (the 2nd around 3:30 or 4pm) but if I try and nap her twice for a few days in a row, she starts fighting BOTH naps. Basically I try and hold her out as long as she can go -- sometimes she can make it to 12:30 almost 1pm. On those days she has lunch before she goes to sleep. Somedays she just falls apart earlier and she goes down at 11 or 11:30. She has never been a long napper. I can count her 2 hr naps (excluding newborn months) on one hand I think! Most times, she naps 1 hr or if I'm really lucky, 1 hr 20-30 minutes. I have accepted that my kid wont be one of those kids who routinely naps 2-3 hrs. Does Mason usually take 1 hr naps? I am lucky in the respect that she doesnt seem to fall apart too badly at the end of the day, if she has a a day where she only naps once, and for an hour. Like Kara, my dd's morning naps were the long ones. I am trying to get out of the house in the AM (hard when the weather is so awful) and do errands then, as opposed to the afternoon like I used to. I think this transition to 1 nap has been really difficult to figure out!!!



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