At What Age Did You Start Rice Cereal

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AshleyB - January 12

Just wondering ladies. My mom was telling me that they used to say start it at 10lbs or 6wks whichever comes first, and my mil told me her pediatrician always said 3wks, back in the day. I know it's started much later nowadays and was wondering why exactly, and how many of you are old-school versus the new age rules?


sahmof3 - January 12

LOL... the 10 lbs. thing made me LMAO. I would have had to give my youngest cereal in utero... he was 10 lbs. 6 oz. at birth ;-) Anyway, I gave my 1st and 2nd babies cereal at 4 months... and tried to with my 3rd, but he rejected it a few times, so I waited and tried again at about 5 1/2 months.


Keli - January 12

I went back and looked at my sons baby book, and we did it at 10 wks, but that was 9 yrs ago. Now, we did it at 4mos with my daughter.


lexa - January 12

Oh wow how times have changed. My son is 9 years old and he was started on rice cereal/ baby foods/ baby juice at 4 months of age. My daughter is 3 months old and we have to use rice cereal to thicken her formula (due to acid reflux). But I beleive the average age nowadays is 4 months...or whenever mothers feel they want to give it to them:-) My mil is old school and has been itching to give mine cereal in her bottle. She was elated to find out that the GI specialist put her on it (don't really understand why she cares either, honeslty). I'm more new age, and would have waited until I got the okay. I'm not really sure why they changed the rules on this. Actually, I'm finding a lot of things have changed since my son! Example, he was put on table food at 7 months (minus citrus foods/juices and egg whites) and whole milk at 9 months. Now, all of that seems to be a big NO NO! I don't know, but he turned out fine! I think, lol!


18wbabynov - January 13

i was really wondering this too... my dd is 8weeks and seems to be STARVING at night before bedtime... she drinks about 4-5oz every 3-4 hours, but around 7-8pm she wants 7oz! i am going to ask my ped next week, but is this a sign she should have cereal in a bottle before bed?


18wbabynov - January 13

oh, and she is already 12lbs+


Deirdra - January 13

My ds will be 3 months tomarrow and on account of his teething and that he is belly scooting and he can roll over now his ped told me to start cereal. he is also 13 lbs 12 oz.


BaileysMummy - January 13

I started my ds at 4 months.......although I went by his notification rather than the dr or books. He started drinking so much milk and was never satisfied, I knew then that he needed something heavier in his belly to keep him satisfied.


rl- - January 13

I have 3 sons and I started all mine at around 8wks so I guess I am old school just worked for me had no problems either with alergies or anything else my boys are all very healthy


Alison - January 13

We had our first weaning cla__s this week and they were saying although the guidleline now is to wait until 6 months that most babies won't last until then and weaning can start at 4 months. My DD is about to turn 4 months and I am going to try her with a spoon of baby rice sometime soon I think, but she doesn't have a big appet_te (takes after her mummy the health visitor says!) Her weight is going up fine and she is consistent on the 25th percentile, but she never finishes a while feed and isn't showing any of the signs that she needs to wean yet so maybe I shouldn't try the baby rice just yet? Don't want to rush her if she's not ready! But then I thought I could (in a week or two) try just a spoon once a day, and if she doesn't want it or it stops her taking as milk I can leave it and try again in another week or two..anyone got any thoughts? Thanks! xxx


Autumn2006 - January 14

My daughter is 15 weeks and she weighs 16lbs and 1 oz. She was having diarrea so I took her into the emergency room last Saturday. The doctor said she is one of the healthest babys he has seen in a long time. But he suggested to me to start giving her solids. He said he gave his kids solids at 2 months. I was told by my lactation nurse not to start until 6 months. Just b___stfeed her until then. I gave her rice once a day for 3 days but I stopped. I think she is fine and you can tell she is getting plenty to eat. So I am going to wait a little longer.


vonzo - January 14

I went to a weaning cla__s a few weeks ago and they said not to start until the end of the 17th week but my mum who's very old school and who had 5 of us says that as soon as they're wanting more than 6oz at one feed to start them on solids. I think as with EVERYTHING to do with babies different dr's/nurses/health proffessionals/people all have different opinions. The cla__s i went to said to start with pureed apples, 1 tsp a day untill they get used to it then try it mixed in with rice. I guess it all depends on how your lo takes to it and what you want to feed them. My dd is 16 weeks and seems quite happy with just her formula, ive let her suck on my apple and she's had a teeny bit of banana to see what she thinks and she doesnt seem all that interested so i think i'l try when she's 17 weeks with a tspn a day and take it from there.


dee23 - January 14

i started ds at 5 1/2 months....and i thought that was early!


ash2 - January 14

I started mine at 3 months old.


shelly - January 14

i stated my 1st ds at 3 months as that was the norm at that time,i started 2nd ds at 4 months,i tried at 3 months but he wasnt ready,i think u have to be guided by your baby and when u think they are ready,the guidelines are there btu theres no way my 2nd ds could have waited till 6 months,u have to go with ur instinct,


shelly - January 14

i meant started not stated lol


JenS - January 14

There's no hard and fast rule to feeding your lo rice cereal. "They" say anywhere between 4-6 months is fine. I started giving my ds cereal at 4 months. Babies will let you know when they're ready.



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