At What Age Does Teething Start

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Maureen - March 14

My baby has turned 5 Months old yesterday and I noticed more and more he drools alot. At about what age should I look out for teething?


Lisa - March 19

There is a good chance he may be starting to get teeth. The age babies start teething is usually about 6 - 12 months.


lilmama - March 21

My son started at 3 months. He didnt get his first tooth until 5 months though. If he acts like he is in pain, you can give him baby oragel or anbesol for the pain. also tylenol. Yes, drooling is a sign of teething, also diareah, diaper rash and fever


bec79 - May 1

My daughter is 5 months now and she got her first tooth at 3 months and 2nd at 4 months.


Liz - May 16

My 12 week old just cut her first tooth 3 days ago after about a month of nonstop drooling.


John - June 17

yes babies teeth at varying ages, but of the signs involved with teeting, diaper rash and/or diarreah are NOT some of them. There is no medical reasoning for this at all, and those are signs of other infections. Also, though VERY low grade fever can accompany teething, anything you would normally consider not normal, is.


JenniferB - June 17

My son started teething at five months and it took him a couple of months to get the first couple of teeth. He was cranky and had a hard time sleeping. He also had swollen lymph glands, which scared the hell out of me. but the pediatrician said that it was normal as long as they were small, squishy, and didn't feel attatched. No, there isn't any medical reasoning for diarrhea or diaper rash but many people do say that those are signs. Diarrhea and diaper rash, in my experience, were usually not signs of infection but just part of being a baby. :0/ Poor lil things.


Kim - June 17

My son got his first at 4 months, and got a lot in a short amount of time after that. The drooling never seems to stop! Try giving your little one a cold wet wash cloth or something to "gum".


Soleil - June 17

my baby has always drooled a lot and she got her first tooth at 4 1/2 month and the second one a week later, she turned 5 mo. exactly yesterday.


Robin-Jo - July 6

My baby Frankie is nine weeks and he just started to drool alot latly as well as being very fussie. So teething it is, Time to get out the Bibs and a stack of Shirts.


Brittany - July 6

My son drools all the time, hes 9 months and hasn't had one tooth yet. I know the bottom front two are coming within the next three months but thats just an estimate. He doesn't seem fussy or anything.


Toya - July 7

Robin-Jo, my baby will be 9 weeks on Sunday and she is starting to drool a lot. I am a slender woman and she nibbles on my clavical when I'm trying to cuddle her. When I look in her mouth, I can see exactly where all of her teeth are going to be...It's just a matter of the gums receding back!!! So, although she's 2 months now, I think she'll be about 4-4 1/2 months when she gets her first tooth.


Skyfeather - July 7

For my daughter teething started when she was two months old and she is now three months old. She's also premature so I though everything with her would be late.


ROBINJO - July 8

MY FRANKIE IS DOING WELL TODAY. ALOT OF LAUGHT, OH'S, AND OW'S. I spoke to a friend at work about teething today . She was telling me her mom said when she was born she already had teeth showing. I got a friend who had a premuter baby a year ago know, she thought the same thing about the posable late blooming, due to the fact that she was 1months earliy. Sure enought her baby as was as healthy as a baby that came on time or over due.


Soleil - July 8

My baby always drooled a lot and she got her first tooth at 41/2 mo. and the second one a week later.


Seema - July 13

My baby is 9 Months old and still is not teething yet. When is it going to happen?


Sapphire - July 14

Teething started for my son at 3 months. I was told teeth usually don't come in until 6-9 months, however I also heard this interesting story from my mother-in-law that she knew a lady that had a baby that was born with 2 teeth!



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