At What Age Should Witnessing Parental Nudity Stop

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sashasmama - January 19

My dd is 13 months old, sorry for TMI but dh and usually sleep in the nude/half-nude, and walk around in our underwear. Our daughter is co-sleeping with us, also we've had s_x with her in the room (usually it's one of those nights when it was planned to do when she goes to bed at night, and she wouldn't go to sleep no matter what we tried unless we are in bed with her). When is it time to stop parading around naked?


ConnorsMommy - January 19

good question! my dh and I do that too.. (but ds (he's 12mos.) sleeps in his own room). I want my ds to be comfortable with seeing naked bodies and people being intimate (kissing, holding hands, etc.), but I want him to learn modesty too.. when I was growing up, I never saw my parents naked and I never saw them kiss or barely even hug! So, I grew up thinking all that stuff was bad.. I don't want my ds to grow up thinking that.. but I do believe there is a borderline..


torbman - January 19

While our girls never slept with us (although our son does now hehe), They would shower with us when they were little. I would say when they start giving you a look, believe me you'll see it when you see it. Or when they ask questions. I remember being in line at the Tim Hortons coffee shop and my youngest at the time asking me why Daddy had a tail. LMAO!!! Boy it was then and there I told hubby it was time to cover up. I tend to think its ok for the mom if you have a girl and vice versa for boys, jjust because you are the same and if they ask questions about you then its ok if your comfortable. You don't want them to be embarra__sed about their body but you don't want to share too much of the opposite s_x yet. But believe me you will know when they are LOOKING at you or hubby. :)Tamara


Steph - January 19

LMFAO Tamara!!! A tail!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Steph - January 19

Eric used to shower with his daughter when she was little and when she was about 3, she drew a picture of him.....with all his "workings". It was then that he stopped!! :o)


Brandi - January 19

My daughter is 7 and she still come's in the bathroom when I'm taking a bath and I still change in front of her, but I don't know how I'll feel when my son gets older. She doesn't see my husband though, in his boxers sometimes, but never nude.


flower.momma - January 19

My dd is 2, and she sees both of us naked all the time. She'll go and sit by the bath-tub when my hubby is taking a bath and talk to him. I grew up in a similar situation to connorsmommy and I don't think I want my son and dd growing up like that. I take a bath every morning w/ both of them, and my dd already knows about the difference between boys and girls. She has grown up seeing it all the time so it won't be a huge freaky mystery when she wants to know.


J.J. - January 19

Just to clarify, sashasmama: you have s_x w/your daughter in the room? in bed w/you? doesn't that weird you out? i think i'd have performance anxiety!


LisaB - January 19

JJ I was thinking the same thing theres no way I could do the deed if my lo was in the same room. I remember when ds was still in the ba__sinet in our room we would sneak into the other room to do take care of business. Ihave heard that seeing your parents have s_x can be scary for los because they will sometimes see it as a violent act not sure the age though.


ashtynsmom - January 19

I agree.. I couldn't have s_x with my child in the same room and DEFINITELY not in the same bed!! WEIRD!! But... Ashtyn follows dh and I around anytime we go into the bathroom. She is one, and is fascinated with the tub and shower. When we are in the shower, she will open the curtain and babble to whoever is in there. Right now I don't worry about it, and I won't for a while when it comes to myself. I used to sit in the bathroom with my mom when she would take baths when I was in school. It was never weird. She was a single mom and we were best friends... it wasn't an issue for us. But I remember my friends thinking it was strange... I guess it is whatever you "know". My dh gets weirded out by Ashtyn seeing him naked now... I think becasue she will point at his willy and say " UUHHH?" like "What is that?" ha ha


ash2 - January 19

okay, first off all it is a proven fact that kids do not remember anything befoer the age of 4 ! If they do it is VERY rare. So having s_x in the same room with them while they are asleep is harmless . Of course i wouldnt do it while they are awake, but babies are such light sleepers that it doesnt matter. Personally we quit doing it in the same room as DS when he was about 2 just because we didnt want to wake him, not because he was going to get " permanatly scarred " ! sashasmama, i quit getting undressed in front of DS when he was about 3. But my husband still gets undressed in front of him because they are guys and their is nothing wrong with that .


CyndiG - January 19

I agree that is depends on the s_x of the child. And I also agree with torbman. My dd (she's 8 now) used to take a shower with her daddy when she was tiny, till one day she reached out and grabbed his "tail"! ROFL!!!! That is soooo funny! Anyway, when she grabbed him he said that's it, no more. Since then, she's seen him in his boxers but that's it. She and I still take a shower together occasionally. If anything it keeps the line of communication open, as far as questions about her changing body, and openess in her mind about how it's ok. I just have one question about the s_x thing....her being in the bed is not such an odd thing for me to understand, but that it's planned! I can't even wrap my mind around that! :O} S_x is something that truly happens on the spur of the moment in my house. You get it when you can kind of thing!


vonzo - January 19

... i've forgotten what s_x is!!


shelly - January 19

lol vonzo.


Lchan - January 19

Ash2 - My earliest memory is my first Christmas at 6 months. I clearly remember many, many events from when we lived in my first house, and we moved from that house when I was 2-1/2. I'm not buying that kids don't remember much before 4 yrs old. I remember too much before that age, and I know tons of people who do too.


jb - January 19

I can't remember what I did yesterday, much less 6 months!!!!


sahmof3 - January 19

I'm thinking that age must be much younger. I have some pretty clear memories of a daycare I went to at age 2 and 3. And I remember sitting with my mom and my little sister and my mom was nursing my little brother... she had just brought him home from the hospital and I was 3 1/2 then. Also, I remember very vividly my hernia surgery when I was high school my sis and I went to the hospital to visit a friend of ours (we're 18 months apart, so we had all the same friends lol) and I was like, "Hey, this is the room I was in when I was three." and the nurse there told me that that wing used to be a pediatric wing!



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