Attached To My Baby

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freshfaeries - March 23

How soon did you get attached to your baby? Sometimes I don't even know if I want my 10 week old daughter. She's so much work and the whole situation is screwed up and not normal. I don't know if I feel as attached to her as possible.


Shelly - March 23

Have you been checked for post partum depression? Your feelings are very common in that type of situation.I would stongly advice you to talk to your doctor ASAP!! For your sake and for your daughters sake. Good luck!!


lullabelle - March 24

My son is 8 months old and I love him so much it hurts my body. Please let your mom or mother-in-law, friend keep her for the night. It will get WAY better. Your an awsome mom and will get through it. Please seek help. Don't be imbarrased, I needed it. The first thing they told me was...if I felt like I needed help..ASK for it. Your just tired. She needs you, but you must take care of yourself first!


Mommy - March 24

It's an up-and-down situation when raising kids. I swear when my youngest was little I wanted to give him away he cried so much. But, now he's 10 months and a little angel. It gets better once they can move around more and get used to decoding the cries. Once you get over the fussy newborn stage and into the happy infant stage it gets better. I love my kids with all my heart, yet I still have moments where I wish I was in a coma just for the rest. Your feelings should pa__s soon, and like the others said, ask for help from family while you take care of you. Babies can pick up on stress and it can make them uneasy. Good luck and I hope things get better for you.


pbj - March 24

I agree with're going through the hardest part right now. I have several friends who had a touch a post partum, it's nothing to be ashamed of, it's very common. Like everyone else said though talk to your doctor about it, both of you together can work it out. Rely on family or friends as much as you can, it is very important for you to get a break if possible. The feelings are there you maybe just need some time to yourself or if your doctor thinks so a bit of a hormone adjustment. Our bodies go through so much having a baby, I would say it's quite normal to have some emotions that are hard to deal with. Good luck and let us know how you're doing.


KrisD - March 24

Trust us, it does get so much better. I found so much solace in coming on here and hearing people say that. She's still a difficult infant. Actually, I though around 12 weeks it got much better, and then each month after that! You are still in the "thankless" part of it in my opinion. The first time she recognizes you walking into the room and gives you a big toothless grin just because you are her whole world, your heart will melt a hundred times over. The first time you put something silly on your head and she lets out a big cackle it'll happen again. Over and over... Till you think you couldn't possibly love a person more. I was there, like you. I kept thinking, am I capable of handling this?? But think about, we'd all be only children if it didn't get better! And like the others said, if you think this is more than a touch of self-doubt, get help! You, and your daughter deserve it.


jessb - March 24

Believe me i have my moments with my daughter during her 3 hour crying fits every night. . But then I look at how cute she is and how much she needs and I just remind myself of that. It is very tough. She is only 6 weeks and it is a huge adjustment. Your life changes so much and it is sooo much work having a newborn. I would talk to your doctor about post pardem depression, but most likely you are normal and just overwhelmed. Try to take a break by having someone watch her and you can spend some "me" time.



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