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mandee25 - February 18

I just read your post to piratesmermaid about the trouble you had with br___tfeeding your baby and it sounded EXACTLY like my story. I wanted to br___tfeed but ds would not latch on and I tried for 3 or 4 days with the nurses at the hospital trying to help me.He would scream and cry and I knew he was hungry. We tried everything. The nipple shield, dabbing on sugar water, everything! It was the hardest thing and I was getting stressed out as well as my son. I came to the decision to bottle feed for both our sanity and don't regret it. He is doing great and growing like a weed. It is so nice to read that someone else had the same struggle as me. Thank you!


mandee25 - February 19



mandee25 - February 20

b u m p


bradylove - February 20

mandee and apr: I had the same problem with my first. It was horrible! He wouldn't latch at all and the few times he did manage to get on he would fall asleep and as soon as we'd wake him up he'd come off and start crying again. The nurses said I had flat nipples (TMI, I know!) and that was probably why. So I struggled for 2 weeks while supplementing with formula. It was so bad that the milk that had come in dried up because if lack of stimulation and I couldn't pump for some reason (apparently there are some people that just can't). Finally after 2 weeks I gave up and he was ff from then on. I had incredible guilt and ppd for 3 months because of it. I was embara__sed to bottle feed my baby at playgroups where it seemed like everyone else was b___stfeeding. Anyhow, I eventually got over it and now I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old. Oh and I was able to b___stfeed my second, no problem! So much for the flat nipple issue eh?


mandee25 - February 20

Thank you for responding bradylove. It is what I needed to hear. I was feeling kinda guilty because of giving up but in the end it was the best for both of us.


vonzo - February 20

my daughter would latch on but i wasnt producing enough milk for her. She wanted to feed CONSTANTLY. I was cracked, sore and bleding even with nipple shileds! I eventually tried to pump to see exactly how much was coming out and i only managed 1oz in the time she should have had at least 12+. I felt like a total failure at first because women are "supposed" to be able to produce milk for their children and i couldn't and what with hormones and everything else and got sooo upset but then i realised i have a healthy baby girl who is happy and loved, at the end of the day thats the most important thing!!


mandee25 - February 21

Thanks Vonzo for replying. Our babies being healthy and happy are the most important thing.



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