August 2007 Mommies April Thread

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kimberly - April 4

"The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart." Helen Keller.


kimberly - April 4

Hello everyone! Just thought I would start a new thread. It has been slow at work and I am bored, can't you tell!


Krissy25 - April 4

KIMBERLY, i was actually looking for a quote to put up and start a new one, but someone needed my attention, go figure. TIFFANY, sorry to hear about the morning sickness, but that is a good sign that things are going well. With my first pregnancy i lost i never had any b/c i never got far enough along so with my second i was actually really excited when i got sick, i know it sounds really weird. Well not much going on here other than Jacquelyn has the sniffles and wants me to hold her 24/7, i don't mind holding her but it is impossible to get anything done, and my house is a mess. I'm trying to get her to take a nap now, but she's not going for it. My poor little baby, i wish she was feeling better.


JessC531 - April 5

Hi girls. Tiffany, sorry to hear the morning sickness has hit. But like Krissy said, it is a good thing! I was the same way when I got pregnant with Mira after having lost the first - I was begging to have my head over the toilet. LOL. Krissy, I hope J starts feeling better soon. Is she just coming down with something? We've been quiet lately, but I a__sume that just means we're all busy with out little ones! Mira is sooo close to crawling. She's getting up on all fours, and then sort of crabwalking on her toes. Except she can only go backwards! Poor thing... She's trying so hard to get something and moving further and further away from it. It's really cute though. I figure I better get the house babyproofed before the weekend is over though! Ok, I hope everyone is doing well...


kimberly - April 6

Hey girls! Jess, it has been slow on here a lot lately. I guess our babies are getting bigger and needing our attention more. My boys are grounded for the weekend. I am absolutely mortified by thier behavior. They got a can of paint from the neighbors driveway and opened it with a rock and then proceded to paint the neighbors drive. It was my two boys and a couple of other kids too. We have a power washer and the place is vacant so Danny power washed all of it off. I am still just through the roof over it though. I can see my 4 year old following the older boy's lead but Ryan is 9 and knows better! What are all of your babies eating right now? Kyleigh is still mostly formula because she refuses most everything. She has a bowl of cereal with fruit in the morning but rarely eats much of it and then one jar of second foods in the evenings and she never eats all of that either. I have been trying things from our plate but she don't like anything with any texture to it at all. She gags on the smallest mashed up peices still. She is still very chubby so I know she is getting what she needs but my boys took to table food right away and she just isn't.


jen327 - April 6

Kimberly, My 12 year old is grounded two. We caught him Easter Sunday with a lighter. Turns out him and his friend stole it from the gas station by our house. he knows better then that and I am so upset by his behavior. My mom just keeps telling me it will end in 4 years when he is 16, I just keep thinking 4 years, ughs. Sean is doing well. We are seeing an ENT Tuesday, he still has fluid in his ear and show signifigant hearing loss in that ear. But the ENT called and talked to us on the phone and said that is probably from the fluid and to relax about it. if he has to have tubes they will have that as a last resort. We are on our 4th round of medication and he wants him to stay on it for 3 weeks, we have done 2 weeks so far. I am not sure what is worse never ending antibiotics which causes diariea or tubes. I had tubes so I know that are not horrible. I have 4% hearing loss from them, but he is at 64% hearing loss from the fluid and he is at an age where he is developing his speech and he needs to hear!!! oh my oh my. The good news is he loves to eat, he eats bagels now waffels or pancakes for breakfast with peach slices or apples (the small baby ones that are soft). He has turned down baby food now for the most part. He loves his pears and bananas! He eats meat now and potatoes, and peas and green beans. He has started to pull himself up and start to walk around furniture. I am not ready for him to walk! Seems like he is too young and I want him to stay my baby for longer. I am having baby fever these days, but cant even imagine a teen a toddler and a newborn. That woudl be an adventure!


kelley - April 6

Hey there ladies... so sorry that I have been MIA for the last week, I have been dealing with a pa__sed around case of the stomach flu. Libby had it and then she decided that she should share it with me. I really could thank her for it....LOL. Well then Jack decided to spike a 102.5 fever and get really lethargic for about 36 hours. Well to top it all off we are dealing with our nebulizer because he has a lung infection again and on antibiotics because he has another ear infection. Ok enough about me and all my troubles. I am so sorry to hear that the m/s is so bad Tiffany... I know that it got progressively worse for me with each pregnancy, mostly because I was more tired with each pregnancy.... I hope that it gets better for you really soon. JEN good luck with the ENT, let us know how it turns out. I am sorry to hear that you all have grounded kids, I am not looking forward to those days at all. KIMBERLY, Jack is eating solids really only once a day. He just seems as though he would rather nurse so I am not pushing it, although he has tried some table food, mostly when he does eat, it is baby food. Well ladies, I am off to try and get better... hope that this finds everyone doing well.


Krissy25 - April 6

Good evening ladies, it's been really hectic this week working on my parents bathroom, but it looks so wonderful, maybe one day my dh and i could go into business together designing and remodeling, that would be so much fun. We work so well as a team, i pick everything out and he does the work. Ha ha sounds fair, right? JESS thanks for your concern, J is getting over her little cold and i think is feeling fine but is now spoiled frome me holding her all the time and has decided not to go to bed like a good little girl anymore. i'm trying to get things back in order but my dh hates to hear her cry so it's a struggle. KIMBERLY and JEN sounds like your boys are keeping you on your toes, hopefully some day they will have sons and you can get some payback, LOL. JEN, how scarry that Sean is having some hearing loss, you are so right that it is so important at this age to be able to hear when they are learning so much. I hope he grows out of all those ear problems soon. KELLY that is so nice of Libby to share her illness with you and the family, i hope you all feel well soon. Well got to go, talk to you later everyone.


kim00 - April 6

Hey ladies. Wow, the days are getting busier and busier. Jess, the things Kenadie are eating is pancakes, toast, a__sortment of fruit and veggies, ham, potatoes and gravy, beef, turkey, chicken, and she loves fettucine alfedo. She doesn't like the pureed food anymore, so I just use a fork and smash everything into tiny pieces, and she does just fine with it. At first, with the different textures she would gag a little, but she no longer does that anymore. I don't think she gets as much food down her as compared to the pureed food, but I'm not too concerned about that. She was also very fascinated with cups, she does ok doing sips out of them, but does better with a sippy cup. Tiffany, sorry to hear about the morning sickness, I hope it subsides soon. Krissy I hope Jacquelyn gets feeling better soon. Jen, I hope Sean gets feeling well, good luck with the ENT. Kelley, I'm sorry to hear everyone is sick again, I hope you all get feeling well soon. Not much is going on here, we're still looking for the right 'fixer upper' to buy, and car shopping because it broke down again, and it will cost more to fix it than it's worth. Ugh... I'm really worrying about the economy and what's going to happen there.


friendtilthend - April 7

Good morning ladies, Okay we are back from our vacation. We were gone for only six days but it was enough. We stayed at my parents house. I will never get tired of my mothers cooking. It was so nice to wake up and see my parents and sister there. I also made three cakes while I was there. One for my grandmother who turned 94 yrs young. She is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. The other cake was a welcome home cake for my sister and her husband who was visiting from Italy. The third for my dad who loves chocolate cake. I am posting new pics so I will let you know when I am done. As for Ethan he did so good on the 10 hour drive and while he was there he behaved well . My cousin was there with her 6 month daughter who was bigger than Ethan. I guess he is on the small side. Ethan has been eating table food. He is still nursing but he loves to eat. He eats meat chicken, veggies , he loves yogurt still. Peach flavor is his favorite. Are you lades nursing or bottle feeding? Ethan drinks from a sippy cups but does better a straw. I hope you are all doing good and for those of you who are sick I hope you get better soon. Jen good luck with your lo. Tristan was the same way when he was young. They put him on meds to get rid of the dranage and offered to put tubes in him. They didn't work the drainage was too thick. But they did find some meds to help him out. He has great hearing in both ears now. Jen and Kimberly good luck with your boys. I have been there with one not looking forward to it with the other two.


Krissy25 - April 7

good morning ladies, KIMBERLY AND LISA, this is what we are doing for food. I still nurse her about 4-5 times a day but she gets most of her food from eating. (I think my milk supply is low, i don't think she gets a whole lot) Our mornings are usually rice cereal mixed with apple sauce, lunce is oatmeal cereal mixed with bananas and dinner is chicken mixed with a veggie. We are now starting to eat some of these foods in small peices and i'm really excited to introduce her to more meal type foods as i think she is ready. As for sippy cups, i like th Nuby cup with the straw, i let her drink water out of it, we haven't started juice yet.


TiffanyRae - April 7

hi ladies Well i went to the doctor this morning....and we have ONE (thank goodness) healthy little bean! We saw his/her heart beat and everything looks wonderful. So that was fun. i also got a prescription for phenegran so i am very very excited for that. its just an anti nausea med that helps out with the sicky feelings...and its ok to take when pregnant. Alex is eating pretty much whatever we eat. chicken, veggies, fruits ect ect. I just put him in his high chair and give him really small pieces and he feeds himself. i do give him half a bottle of gerber 3rd stage veggies at lunch and dinner though...i think he is getting enough but just in case. He loves sweet potatoes so much its crazy. and he loves pancakes, lightly toasted bread, noodles, and jello. i know the jwllo doesn't do much for him but the sugar free strawberry is what i live off of so he gets some once and awhile and he really enjoys it! KIM: good luck finding a car! We have been sooo lucky with our two cars...i am just praying they make it one more year, then we can sell them when we move off of this rock. Jen: definitly thinking good thoughts for sean! i sounds like a few others have gone through the same thing with their little ones and things turned out ok when they grew up a i hope that is your case too!!! Kimberly: i had to smile a little when i read your post....i know what the boys did was naughty but how typical of boys! not saying girls are not trouble makers...but i just feel little boys have that instilled in them! i am sure they realize what they did was wrong and will never do it again! :) Kelley: good to hear everyone is feeling better! i think my m/s is also worse this time...because i am soooo tired. alex is STILL waking twice a night and will only fall back asleep if he gets a bottle...he only eats about three ounces but is sooo stubborn. and i am just so tired i give in. arg. i would pay a million bucks for one night of sleep! : / oh well such is life. have a great day all!


javidsgirl - April 8

hello ladies i just realized there was a april thread am i slow or what lol. anyways things are super busy here and mariam is constantly on the go now she can walk around furniture now so it wont be long and she will be running i am sure. i am planning on talking mariam to the park for the first time today so i willt ry to post a pic of that other then things are going ok here. Tiffany congratds on your ONE healthy bean how far along are you now? i"m glad to hear all our babies are doing so well and eating well too


Krissy25 - April 8

TIFFANY congrats on your healthy, single, baby. It's such a relief to see them at that stage and to know everything is going well. Wow, i can't believe some of you have babies on the move already. J is still not crawling, but she is pretty good at pulling herself up and she can get on her hands and knees, it's just when she is trying to get somewhere she sort of goes flat. But we practice walking a lot and i wonder if she will be one of those babies who skips crawling and goes straight to walking.


kim00 - April 9

Tiffany, congrats and I'm glad you got some phenergan. Lisa, I'm glad your trip went well. We are formula feeding. Well we ended up buying a dodge grand caravan. It is so nice (and I'm not really a minivan girl.) It came with a dvd player so that will be nice for traveling. Anyways got to feed Kenadie, night everyone.


kimberly - April 9

Hello Ladies! I hope everyone who has been sick is feeling better! Tiffany, glad to hear it is only one and that everything looked good! I have taken phenergan before, and it does work. When I have a kidney stone I get very sick and it is the only thing that will help. Well, from what all of you said Kyleigh is eating table foods much less than your babies. She just don't like it yet, I suppose it will come with time. Plus, she can't eat anything mashed with a fork yet, she really acts like she is choking with every tiny bite. Sometimes she will just spit it right back out and won't have nothing more to do with it. I did try mashed avocado last night and she kind of liked it and didn't choke. She woke up with a high fever(101.9) at about 2:00 this morning. I gave her tylenol and she was still sleeping when I left for work. I hope it is just a teething fever and she isn't getting sick again. I made her appointment for her shots finally, so of course she will be sick right! Krissy, Kyleigh isn't fully crawling yet. She does the Army crawl, she drags her legs and pulls with her arms, but sometimes she get on all fours and lunges forward. She falls flat on her poor little face everytime. We just now got her a walker and she can move forward in it pretty good and she loves to stand holding furniture but I have to help her still or she will fall. Have a good one!


friendtilthend - April 9

Good morning ladies, Kim Ethan is still not crawling but he gets around by rolling everywhere. I don't think he is going to crawl. My daughter didn't crawl. He is 8 1/2 months now. He stands a lot though. He is pulling himself up a lot. I hope Kyleigh feels better real soon.



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