August 2008 Mommies Are Here

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gabbysally - August 21

ok, I'm starting it! I'm in love all over again. don't get me wrong, she makes momma crazy too but I love her so much!! I can't believe we're finally here! it's been a blissful 2 weeks but Mike went back to work today and we were both balling our eyes out this morning. man, we need to retire already! soooo, how's mommyhood for the rest of you?? now we have a whole bunch of new things to ask and chat about!! right now I'm getting a new roof and it's so loud and it sounds like the ceiling is gonna fall on me!! the joys of buying a remodel!


softbreeze200 - August 21

HEYY!! We are here!! I too can't believe that we already have our bundles of joy with us!! Jess is already 4 weeks!! WOW!! Where has the time gone?? She is sucha good girl, but we are having some troubles with the night thing. She seems to be super hiungry at night and wants to eat, but I feel like she is not getting enough. It is almost like she has sucked me dry and is just unhappy about it. I have started pumping through the day to try and increase my milk supply and then also so I ahve some on hand incase she isn't getting enough I can always give her more in a bottle, but I am not sure if this is the root of the problem or if she still has her days and nights mixed up. NAywone have any suggestions on what to try?? Gabbi you are formula feeding right? How is that going at night?? Does she seemt o be satisfied and go to sleep good??


gabbysally - August 21

yay! patti's here!! yes, we're formula feeding. she's a really good eater. she gets fed at 11pm and then we go to bed and put her in her ba__sinet. she usually wakes bet 2-3 and then 5-6 for another bottle but goes right back down in between. I don't think it's too bad but I have nothing to compare her to. maybe you should think about supplementing with formula?? casey sleeps most of the day too - I'm told big babes are good eaters and good sleepers so she fits the bill so far.


softbreeze200 - August 22

Yes I have heard that too Gabbi that big babies tend to eat and sleep well, so that is soo great that Casey is doing so well. Those feeds sound pretty alright to me as well. I called and spoke to th eb___stfeeding centre here and they suggested to me to try to pump after every feed, even though I probably wont have much left after Jess has her fill, but the more stimulation that the b___st gets the more milk supply it will produce, and then I should have adequate to get her through the nights, na dif not hten I will at least have a bottle that I can give her to fill her up the rest of the way. Last night we did that and she sleep all night in her ba__sinet all by herself! I woke up in a panic because I couldn't feel her beside me in bed and freaked out that she had fallen out of bed,and poor Wyatt had to calm his histarical wife and show me that she was sleeping peacfully in her ba__sinet right beside the bed! WHooo!! That sucked! But that I told him is exactly why she has to get used to sleeping in her own bed and not with me! Turns me crazy!! How are you recovering now?? Are your st_tches starting to heal up a bit?? I am feeling pretty good, and I think all the st_tches have come out now, but still pretty scared to take a look! I think I will wait till my 6 week check up and let doc do the looking!!:) What a chicken!! :)


bellybubble - August 22

Hi there Mummies! Well how is everyone? I am great and completely in love with Kira, but very, very tired! :) Having a bit of trouble b___st feeding - the left nipple very cracked and sore - have been expressing and bottle feeding from that one and just putting her on the right one. However the expresser machine just makes the cracks worse too - so today it is a bit better and I am going to attempt to put her back on the sore one - and I wont lie - I am pretty scared of how much it may hurt - sooo I will put her on the good one first and then attempt the sore one - I have almost thought of giving up on the b___stfeeding a couple of times in the last few days but really want to keep trying..... is anyone else finding it hard????? Any suggestions for sore cracked nipples? Other then that I am good and Kira is beautiful. But I cant believe how fast the day goes!! Today I am going to try to go shopping and take Kira for a walk in the pram - haha we will see! My hubby goes back to work on Monday and I must admit I am nervous of having to deal with it all by myself - but I am sure I will be fine. Soooo how you all going!!!! :) How are your beautiful bubs... x


preggosauce - August 23

Hellloo fellow mommies!! I hope everyone is getting at lest SOME sleep!! I will have to matter how much I reminded myself of how little sleep I'd be getting, I still wasn't prepared! Though, this time aroud is SOOOO much easier because with my first, my husband was deployed to Iraq. He's been such a huge help this time around! He missed the "newborn" stage obviously with our fist, so this time around is a real trip for him! I think its hard because with a newborn there just isn't that interaction that he has with our 2 year old...he wants to be able to play with her already. lol its cute. I'm bottle feeding as well due to a medication that I'm on, and for the most part at night Alyssa will eat and then go right back to sleep. Though, in the evenings she usually has a few hours where she's really fussy....anyone elses's little one go through that? Its like nothing makes her happy. I'm a__suming she just has gas or something....Well, congrats to everyone! I look forward to hearing from all the new mommies!!


smmom2 - August 23

Hello I see we have a new thread !!! YEY...we arent pregnant anymore !!! So.,.. Carson was born Aug. 16th. Weighed 6lbs 3oz and is such a sweet little man !!! anser some of your questions ( this is my 3rd child so I have some experience ) SOFT and BELLY ....some babies go through peroids where they just cry....for some it is a way of releasing energy. If you are having milk issues...then yes pump several tijmes a day and it will increase your supply. The sore nipples, try polysporin. You can go to a local drug store or Walgreens and get it. It was pharmacist recomended and totally worked for my 2nd. My nipples were BOTH cracked and bleeding. You apply it after every feeding and sometimes in between. It does heel but it takes 1-2 weeks since baby has to learn to latch correctly., ALso your nipple has to 'toughen up' so to speak. Also...make sure baby is taking in the full nipple ( like the whole aerola) not just the tip of the nipple Otherwise it wont get better. But generally if baby is ;latching correctly then you will heal up in a week or two. i said...sometimes babies just need to release energy.. I am so glad you dh gets to enjoy this stage with you new baby this time around. It is so much fun to watch a newborn grow and learn. GABBY....glad your little one is doing well. As for Carson...he is all b___stfed...and pumping and storing milk is going well. I learned that with the last one...pump as much as you can in the begining cause you usually tend to have more milk. Anyways...he the last two night has slept through the night from 11 to 5 am. I can not even get used to it. He is the only of my babies to sleep all night right away. I LOVE it !!! Onlyt hing is...he has to sleep with us. A habit I dont want him to get used to, but we are also enjoying sleeping. So...I guess we will move him to a crib in a week or two and see how he does. I keep telling myself its ok to spoil right now....technically he should not even be here for another 2 weeks. Oh well....ladies..I hope you are all getting along ok with your new little bundles !!!


bellybubble - August 25

Hi all! Well Kira is down for a while so I thought I would check in (even though I know I should be trying to sleep but I am over tired so cant!). Ok well my first day with just me and Kira as hubby went back to work - bit nerve racking but we are doing ok! :) She is 2 weeks old today - WOW - time flies and she already looks so much bigger. I am still quite nervous and find I am always worrying about "what ifs" instead of just enjoying this time with her. Like when she is asleep I am worrying if she will feed properly when she wakes or will she cry for hours etc etc - I am hoping I will stop that once I get a bit more used to her? Does this make sense to anyone? I love her to bits and cant believe how beautiful she is but I am struggling with the lack of sleep - even though I was warned - I didnt really realise just how little sleep you would actually get haha. My hubby keeps reminding me that we are all still learning and getting used to each other and its only been 2 weeks and of course its all a learning curve :) Anyway I am waffling now but thought if anyone knew what I was going on about it would be fellow new mums! Hope you are all going well and getting a few zzzzz's. xxx


cnasmom - August 25

hi girls! well my husband only stayed home with me for 2 days, lol. we needed the money too bad for him to stay home. i have 3 all under 4. my lil boy is 3 and a half, lil girl 2 nad a half, and then chloe. wow she will be a month old tomorrow!! i can't believe it. she is a huge booger. she weighs about 12 lbs. they said she is the size of 2 and a half month old. lol. patti hows that pretty lil girl? I miss erin and alicia! wow, i can't believe we've all had our babies! seems like its been a long ride. hope everyone is enjoying those babies. prego. my lil girl gets really fussy at night, she eats for a min then cries, and she just keeps doing it. i think she gets crampy at night for some reason. the only thing that soothes her is laying on me in a little snuggle ball and her paci. and just sitting there rocking her and talking to her. jamey hates it tho, cuz he says i am spoiling her. i told him bite me, shes my baby, lol.


softbreeze200 - August 27

Hey Ladies!! Lol Danielle!! Too funy!! All is going good here. Jess is getting a bit better with the nights. She just always seems so hungry right around midnight when we want her to be sleeping!! But for the most part we are good. SHe is up to about 8lbs now, so she is gaining good and growing like a weed! Her little newborn onsies are getting too small now and her legs are soo long! How are all the mommies doing now?


smmom2 - August 28

Hello ladies...I am glad to see everyone is adjusting and doing well. is very normal to constantly worry about everything with a new baby. Especially if it is your first. But trust me your concerns are the same after 3. All is going well here....Carson is almost 2 weeks old and growing like a weed!!! Time sometimes goes way to fast. Hope you are all doing well.


bellybubble - August 28

Thanks smmom2. Well Kira is down at the moment and she was such a good girl last night (trying not to jinx myself by not saying that too much haha) We put her down at 11.30 and she didnt wake for feed till just after 4 - then fed her and put her down at 5 and she slept till 8am! It was heaven to get that much sleep - almost feel human again! And she has been so good today too. I am getting a bit more comfortable with her which is great - I guess it all just takes time! My b___bs are still a little tender when b___st feeding but now mainly the first 60 seconds then not too bad - once I get that under control I will be so much happier. She is such a little piggy. Took her for her first docs app and gaining good weight and grew 2 more cms in length since hospital and 1 cm in head circ_mference - the doc said she is in the 90th percentile for length so she will be a tall girl! :) QUIK QUESTION - When should I stop bleeding? It is 3 weeks since birth on Monday and I am still bleeding - not heavy but still bright red blood - no pain and no bad odor (sorry tmi) - just wondering? Hope you are all doing great and loving being mommas! Its a whole new world isnt it!!!! :) xxxx


softbreeze200 - August 30

Hiyeee ladies!! Where is the time going?? OMG Jess is 5.5 weeks old already!! She is such a good girl and so darn cute!! Belly - as for the bleeding, I found for myself it started to taper off around 4 weeks. I still do have the occasional burst of discharge of blood, but for the most part I think it is done now and I am at 5.5 weeks. The delivery doc said to expect it for the first 6 weeks or so. How are you feeling other than that?? All is going good at this end. I absolutly love being a mom and I just love to hold her and snuggle her. As for sleep our best night was two nights ago - I put her down at 10:30 and she put herself to sleep and slept right through till 4:45am and then went back down at 5:30 and slept till 10:30am!! It was heaven! You really do feel like a new woman when you get sleep like that again. But in all truths I still do miss being pregnant! ANyone else? Hope everyone is doing good and all the babies are doing great and being easy on mommies!


bellybubble - August 31

Hey everyone - hope all is going well! SOFT - thanks for your response - i just wasnt sure if it was normal. its tapering off now and my tear i got is all healed which is awesome hee hee - feel like i am slowly getting my body back!! We are doing much better with b___st feeding which is a huge relief! Getting some sleep now and then too which makes a difference :) Kira is 3 weeks already - how fast do they grow!!! So when does everyone have to go back to work? i am taking the year off but already dreading leaving her! :( SOFT - i do miss parts of being pregnant - having the belly and feeling her move but i love all the stuff i can do and eat and drink again hee hee xxx


smmom2 - September 1

Hello ladies....Belly....I agree...there are things you miss about being pg...and things you dont. Like being able to have a beer or gla__s of wine every now and then !!! As for the bleeding is different for everyone and for every pg. For my first I stopped after a couple weeks.....with the second it mostly stopped after a couple weeks but spotted for 6 wks. With far the heavy bleeding is gone ( he was 2 wks on saturday) and every now and then I have a gush of red blood. So I imagine it will continute for the 6 wks. Oh well..what do you do? SOFT.... I cannt believe it has been 6 wks already. You little one is growing fast I bet. As for me...Carson is sleeping pretty good at night...he has slept through the night about 4-5 times.,..but mostly only wake sup once at night. it is nice, but still leave me tired !!! he is 2 wks old now adn I really cannt believe it !!! Well..I hope you all enjoyed your weekend !!!


gabbysally - September 1

hey mommies!! I miss talking to you all. patti, it's me and you for the long haul we decided huh?? casey is great, will be 4 weeks on thursday and I cannot believe how time is flying!! I have to go back to work on oct 6th, I don't want to talk about it!! she is so cute and I can't get enough of her, I loooove dressing her every morning and cuddling with her. I look at her and can't believe that was who was in my belly all that time!! do any more of you have a myspace or facebook? I want to see pics of everyone's babes!!


gabbysally - September 1

oh and do any of you use that Gripe Water?? it works incredible and it almost scares me how fast her gas or hiccups stop once I give it to her. just wanted to see if you guys knew any more about it???



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