August Mommies 2007 Part 2

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friendtilthend - September 21

Thanks ladies.... I am going to try the just giving and not asking. I love my children but I do need some time to just be by myself or with a friend. I just feel like I have to take care of dh too. When I was in the hospital he did it all but clean. He didn't know how I did it, but now I think he forgot how hard it was. I am going to use my elliptical and shower let's see if this works. Wish me luck. I still have a lot of weight to lose. Not to mention my a__s is so huge now. Plus my thunder thighs. I know it takes a while but I want my old body back now. For those of you that have lost your weight already you are lucky. I am older and it is harder. But my b___b look great as long as they are full. lol


jen327 - September 21

Donia, i don't know how they space them out. We go in thursday to get our shots for 2 months so I am going to ask then. She said I can space them all out, but I believe only the MMR is the one to worry about.


kelley - September 21

DONIA, glad to hear that swaddling worked and you got some quality sleep from Aiden finally. That is great news. Jack moves to much to swaddle him, he just kicks it off, I think that he may be the next Houdini. Congratulations Nerdy_Girl on the baby… welcome to the group. LISA, Jack has some sort of poop with almost every diaper unless I am on top of it or he had been particularly not ga__sy. So I guess in my opinion that no, this is not too much poop. I think that you have every right to request some me time… I have found that I just kind of do some exercise with Jack on my chest while the girls are napping or after they go to bed, that way dh is not bothered by it, but he is also very good about the “me” time. He knows that I am home with the 3 kids all day, so at night he is good about taking the girls at least so that I can have some time, Jack is usually sleeping, so I will put him in the bouncer and get in a shower or read a magazine. It is a few minutes of time that I have to myself… mostly. My DH is a saint among men… he is good with the house stuff as long as I ask for help, and he loves to spend time with the kids now that they are older and can play with him and he is not just entertaining them like you have to do sometimes with and infant. AMANDA, I am glad that I am not the only “giver” I just walk up to him with Jack outstretched and say here you go. I wish that I could start running again… It has been years since I have ran, it will take awhile to get back to where I was in high school… I graduated a long time ago. LOL. I will continue to pray for Stef, this is horrible news. I hope that the doctors can find out what is going on… this is so sad and completely unfair. LISA, how old are you again??? I do not think that you are any older than I am… are you?? I just turned 32 in June.


javidsgirl - September 22

I will continue to pray for Stef as well, this is definitly horrible news. I hope that the doctors can find out what is going on real soon this is so completely unfair . well here is some good news mariam slept are you ready for this THE WHOLE NIGHT i xant believ it but she did i sure hope this keeps up


kelley - September 22

Wow there must have been something in the air last night Tanya, Jack went down at 11p and slept until 7a. I think that he may have slept longer but the girls were a little bit noisy this morning. Well he is sleeping again, and I have to go pump, and finish the birthday party prep. I seriously think that there may have been a pink explosion of princesses at my house. LOL.


javidsgirl - September 22

a house full of 4 yr olds your to brave kelly tell molly i said happy birthday


Krissy25 - September 22

Ahh.. Jacquelyn is moving in the opposite direction on sleeping she seems to be getting up more and more during the night. What's crazy was that i had a shower last night ( it was supposed to be last month but since she came early it was postponed) and we were out until almost midnight and she was awake almost the whole time so i though for sure she would sleep for a long time. NOPE she was up 1 hr later wanting to eat and i had just fed her before i put her down. We'll see if this trend continues. On the bright side i got a lot of cute stuff for Jacquelyn. She got some toys and some outfits, really cute ones too. Well i need a nap b/c we were out so late and then i got no sleep. Talk to everyone later.


slackette - September 22

Wow Kelley, I can't believe Jack went down from 11-7!! With no feedings in between? I can't wait for that to happen to Aiden. As for the swaddling, he gets out of the blanket swaddling WAY to easily. I have to put him in the store bought swaddling thingys in order for him to stay in it. I am LOVING this happiest baby on the block thing. I can't believe how well it works. He is sleeping right now (swaddled of course). So I am off for a nice hot shower!!


kim00 - September 22

I added some new pics on the piczo, they're at the bottom of the page.


Krissy25 - September 22

KIM, Kenadie has some wild hair, but it is really cute. How many of you ladies are going to dress up your babies for Haloween? I was thinking of dressing up Jacquelyn as a mermaid or a pea in a pod. We won't really go trick or treating but there are some neighbors that i want to see her.


kelley - September 22

Well ladies, I lived though the pink princess explosion that was my house for a few hours today. I am going to try and get a few pictures posted (probably tomorrow) of the party. It all went well though, and Molly had a blast. Jack just slept through the whole thing in the swing. DONIA, yeah, I was amazed as well... I could not believe that he slept that long without feeding, and I was feeling it this morning... my b___bs were full. KRISSY, I will be dressing Jack as the pea in the pod or I have a little sleeper that looks kind of like a pumpkin, so yeah he will be dressed up, and probably just stay in with my while dh takes the girls out. KIM, I love the hair... it is so wild and free. She is such a doll, how precious. Good night all.


moescrilla - September 23

Krissy - I'm dressing up Leyton as a turtle (Micah's first halloween costume) but he'll stay in the car while Micah goes trick or treating. Every now and then I can get Leyton to sleep for 6 -7 hours, but it always falls early - like at 7 or 8, so he's up again at 1 or 2. I wish he would do it when I go to bed, that way I could benefit from him sleeping that long. Oh well, it will happen one day, lol.


Krissy25 - September 23

Jacquelyn did much better last night, actually i had to wake her up b/c she woke me up with a really loud poop and i decided i better take care of that, lol. KELLY i'm glad you survived your dd's princess party, sounds like it went well. Well i'm off to take a walk while it is still nice out, summer has returned to our area, temps have been up in the 90's. Today is the 1st day of fall but you wouldn't know it.


kim00 - September 23

I'm dressing Kenadie up as a tootsie roll, and Kylee is going as Sleeping Beauty. Well, I'm off to get ready for church.


jen327 - September 23

We call Sean our "Chunky Monkey" since he is so big, and so we are dressing him up as a little Monkey for Halloween. The hospital we delivered him at has a reunion for NICU babies, and it is a Halloween party so we needed a costume anyway. I will probably put him in the wagon while Chris goes trick or treating .He LOVESSSSSSSSSS walks and being outside.


jen327 - September 23

Evening, I added some 8 week pictures of Sean. I am starting to get sad I have to go back to work in 3 1/2 weeks. But luckily I get to work from home for two weeks. But it makes me sad. But 3 weeks after that we go to Disney world then 3 weeks after we get back is Christmas, then we go to Texas for a week. Then it is January and a whole new year starts. Amazing how time goes by.



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