August Mommies 2007 Part 3

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jen327 - October 1

Perfection You are more perfect than I could have hoped, more beautiful than I could have dreamed, more precious than I could have imagined.....I love you more than I could have known


kelley - October 1

that is great Jen... thanks for the new thread, I agree it was taking a long time. Nothing new here, I have had a boring day, and somehow all my kids are sleeping at one time and the sun is in the sky. There must be a planetary alignment or something. I had better get back to the laundry and start dinner though. :) A mommy's work is never done.


friendtilthend - October 1

I was thinking the same thing Jen It was taking long to load. Tristan finished school in four hours that is a record for him. We are about to eat lunch it is 1:30 pm right now. We have had a great day today too.


kim00 - October 1

Jess, what age did you teach?


Krissy25 - October 1

Hey ladies, just checking in. We're kind of having a boring day here, but it is fairly noce out so we went on 2 walks. We went to Target and when i got home i pulled out a bottle of Tums from my bag, it must have been from the person in front of me and the cashier forgot to give it to her. That would have been a lot more useful a couple of months ago. LOL. LISA how sad that your ex would just avoid his own son like that but at least he has a father figure in his life now.


moescrilla - October 1

whew...its been a long few days. First, Saturday I had to go return some diapers and do a little shopping for Micahs birthday party, and dh had to work so I had to take both kids. My sister has a 3 month old and 9 year old, so it was a huge ordeal just getting everyone out of the car to go in anywhere. Then yesterday was the birthday party, so today I've spent all day cleaning the house from all the boxes the presents came in. I also had to go through Micahs toys and get rid of the ones he doesnt play with because he has way too many. And - leyton was up allot last night and threw up today, so its been an exhausting few days. I cant wait for a full nights rest!


lovestruckjsw - October 2

Well hello again everyone! Jess, glad you could join us. Sorry I've been MIA for the last few days. Moving is tough work! Especially with a 2 1/2 month old! But everything is good here. I LOVE our new house. I remember someone asked if it was all ours or a duplex. It's all ours. I have Grace's room all fixed up beautifully and it's so adorable... except she doesn't sleep there yet. My husband asked yesterday if I was ready to try and let her sleep there (it's literally right next to our room and we have a monitor) but I said no. I'm just not ready to let her be in there all by herself at night. What about you ladies? Are your babies sleeping in their own rooms yet? I can't believe my little baby will be 3 months old in just 12 days! How fast the time has flown! JESS, since you dont know, my daughter was due on August 27th, but was born on July 13th. She was pretty early and spent 3 weeks in the NICU but is doing wonderful now. She smiles all the time! All you have to do is look at her and smile and she'll get this big grin on her face. It's so cute. And I swear she says "hi" now. I'll look at her and say "HI" in a high pitched voice and she'll smile and say "i!" (sounds like "eye") but it's so cute and it looks like she is saying hi back. I got it on video so I'll have to try and post it to the piczo page. Ok well off to bed. She is sleeping through the night now with only one feeding in between where she eats and then falls right back to sleep so I'm getting decent rest now. Good night ladies!


jen327 - October 2

morning! Amanda, glad the house is doing great. I love it when Sean smiles. He too smiles ALL the time. He slept rough last night from 4-7. He actually slept in bed with me all night because he was really restless. I think it is the milk. I started milk again, just to see and sure enough he was up all night. So I will cut it out again. I also had a lot of caffine, so I need to control that better. Amanda, as for me keeping Sean in our room, I told DH yesterday, I am not ready for Sean to go in his room. Partly because of the Apnea monitor and partly because when I go back to work, I want him near me!


JessC531 - October 2

Hi ladies. I taught 3rd grade. I love that age, and do miss it, but would much rather be home with my lo. Tanya, kids who are read to are definitely ahead of the game. There's no doubt about that. Just the fact that they enjoy reading more because it's something they've done, and hopefully still do, at home makes a huge difference. So read away! I've been reading to Mira since we came home from the hospital. It may seem silly, but I say you can never start too early! :) Lovestruck, your daughter sounds adorable. It must have been so hard to have her in the NICU. I can't even imagine. I'm not ready to move Mira to her own room yet either. Actually, we moved her for 2 nights a few weeks ago, and she slept great, but I missed her! I was too worried, so she's back in our room with us! I'm not sure how long we'll keep her there.. Speaking of sleeping, Mira went to bed at 9 last night, and didn't get up to eat until 6!!! Then she went back to sleep until almost 9:30. It was amazing. Of course, I didn't sleep that well anyway. I got up at 3 when I heard her fussing, but rushed to the bathroom first. When I got back she was asleep. So I stayed awake for a while wondering why she wasn't getting up. Then I woke up at 5:30 because my b___bs felt like they were going to explode!!! I'm not used to her sleeping that long! Anyway... what are your lo's names? I want to try to keep everybody straight. :)


friendtilthend - October 2

Good morning ladies.... Well I finally did it. I updated the piczo site. I started early this morning. Tristan is doing his school work. He has a tutor today at 10 am at the library for his dyslexia. He goes twice a week so I have to start early. All right ladies I need some in put. When Ethan got his shots last week he started sleeping with us. The last few days he will not sleep in his crib I try to lay him in there and he just cries. If I lay him in there when he is sleeping he wakes up just seconds later crying. I don't know what to do. Last night I was up until 11:30 pm with him. He is usually laid back not cranky but he's a fighter when it comes to sleeping in the crib. I will leave him in there and he will just keep crying. Amanda thats funny that it sounds like she says hi. Ethan cries and it sounds like he says ," Mom" it is more like Mam.


Krissy25 - October 2

LISA those are some great pictures. I love the ones taken from above. We still keep Jacquelyn in our room. We use to let her fall asleep in our bed and then move her but we stopped that. The weight limit on the ba__sinet is 15 lbs so probably not too much longer and she will have to go into her crib. I think she will be fine, it will probably be me who has a hard time with it.


sophie elise - October 2

oops, I posted in the wrong thread. Here's what I wrote "Hi Everyone, sorry for being gone so long. i was pretty sick for a while there and couldn't get on the computer at really sucked. Anyways, I'm feeling lots better now. I have to go to bed, but I just wanted to say that I put Eva's one month pictures on the piczo page. I'll check in again tomorrow when I'm not so tired. Cheers!"


kelley - October 2

Well I am back from the 2-month check up…. Are you ready for this I have a BIG BOY. Drum roll please…. Jack weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz and is 24 inches long. He is sleeping right now, I think that the shots though, I also think that I am going to be intimate friends with my b___st pump today… otherwise I am going to be sore. AMANDA, I am so glad that you have gotten into the new house and everything is going well. You will have to take some pictures of Grace's room for us. I have had Jack in his own room and he has been there since we brought him home from the hospital… he would not sleep in the ba__sinet, and I was not about to let him sleep in our bed… that is a hard habit to break, even at this age. LISA, the crib thing is a battle of wills, we had a similar problem after the last 2 weekends of him napping while being held at the birthday parties, he did not want to sleep in his crib during the day. I have been putting him down and when he wakes after awhile I go in and pick him up and comfort him. If he falls asleep on my shoulder then I put him back in bed; if he is just fussing while in his bed I just pat his bottom and usually he will fall back to sleep. All the new pictures are great… I love to see how all these kids are growing up so fast. Jack has new pictures on my page as well.


slackette - October 2

Hey ladies! Jess, my LOs name is Aiden and he was born on Aug 11th. He has his own website too, its As for the sleeping thing, he has been sleeping in his own crib from day 1, but I have a bed in his room that I sleep in. I have fallen asleep in my own room with DH a couple of times (with the monitor nearby of course), but as soon as Aiden calls, I go feed him and go to sleep in his room again. I can't stand to be away from him for that long, even while sleeping. I am going to try and move back to my room when I go back to work, but we'll see. I also do a little co-sleeping in the mornings, but that is b/c I am too tired and lazy to put him back into his crib after he eats!


sophie elise - October 2

Eva sleeps in the ba__sinet on the floor beside my bed. She doesn't have her own room yet. When she wakes up the first time I put her back in the ba__sinet and she sleeps another couple hours. If she wakes up again before 6 or 6:30 then I repeat that, but if it's past 6:30 I just let her lie with me because she probably won't sleep in her ba__sinet. That's usually the time when she has gas so I let her fall asleep on my stomach, and then i just put her beside me and we sleep until about 10. it's been working for a while now, so I'll probably keep that up. KB, does Annika still sleep all the time when she is not eating? I find that Eva does not spend much time in the day sleeping anymore. It's very hard to get anything done.


sophie elise - October 2

btw, has anyone started dtd yet? did it hurt? how long did you wait?


jen327 - October 2

DH and I have discussed DTD several times, but both times mutually agreed we were too tired. I was just allowed at 8 weeks so it has only been a week and 1/2. But DH won't do it with Sean in the room so we joked we have to go to the bas____nt bedroom to do it and that has yet to happen. I just don't have a s_x drive at all right now. Anyone feel that way?



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