August Mommies 2007 Part 3

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kimberly - October 16

I don't have much time, i have to get to Ryans game. But, I added some 2 month pics of Kyleigh on the piczo. she is 2 months today!


javidsgirl - October 16

Thanks KB i actualy read the book mira bai one of javids friends is hindu and his wife lent it to me


moescrilla - October 16

thanks everyone for your well wishes! Kim- yes I went back full time...but its almost part time. I work from 12-7 with a 30 minute lunch break, so I get to spend the morning with the kids. They stay at daycare for 4 hours, then dh gets them at 3. Well, Leyton is feeling much better. He slept from about 9 pm last night to 8:30 this morning. I'm sure though that was because I had to give him the promethazine last night and that basically knocks you out. But it was nice to catch up on sleep. He has slept allot today, so I'm worried he'll be up allot tonight, so only time will tell! Work is going ok - but I miss my babies. I really got used to being at home with them, and actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I thought after a while I'd be ready for the break from them, but I miss them so much already! At least I get to spend the mornings with them. I dont work weekends anymore either, so weekends will be with them too.


moescrilla - October 16

Oh - and Micah is going to be Elmo for Halloween and Leyton is going to be a turtle.


Krissy25 - October 16

Thank you ladies for all the condolences, it's been difficult for my family these past few months and especally these past few days. It was my uncle's wishes not to have a funeral, so there will be no funeral but there will be a burial service in the morning. MORGAN i'm glad the kids are feeling better and you were finally able to get some sleep. Sounds like your family has a nice schedule going and the kids don't have to be in daycare too much. KB Annika is such a beautiful girl. I know you have had it up for a while but i love the one where she is sleeping and it almost looks like she has a little makeup on. Her face looks so mature.


TiffanyRae - October 17

Well just about to call it a night in our household...most of you ladies have probably been in bed for a few hours....i hate the time change here in hawaii...I feel like I am a world away! Especially when my family all lives in Minnesota! Five hours different! ok anyway Alex now officially has pink eye!! We went to the doctor again late this afternoon....the whole eye was getting sooo red it looked to raw and painful so I took him in. And sure eye. I told the last doctor that looked at him last week that I thought he had pink eye...BUT NOOO....he said it was just a clogged tear duct....arg....doctors! lol and thats coming from me who has a brother who is one and a sister who is almost there! lol So yeah I am sure that is why he has been so cranky and hasn't been wanting to eat or sleep much. I am surprised he hasn't gotten it in the other eye though the way he rubs and rubs them. Also its a matter ot time before I get it I am sure. I have been wiping at it and picking at it forever! And I try to use hand sani and wash my hands but I know i haven't everytime! Arg. Oh well I guess he just loves me so much he wants to share with mommy! Krissy~ We will definitly be saying a prayer for you and your uncle tonight and be thinking of you tomorrow. G'night all~


kim00 - October 17

Kenadie slept all night!! But I've got to run for now.


moescrilla - October 17

Leyton pretty much slept through the night again as well. He ate at 8 pm and didnt get up again to eat until almost 6 am. I didnt have to give him that anti - nausea medicine either, so this time it was all on his own! yay! Krissy-I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle.


slackette - October 17

Aiden slept through the night too....Well, at least from 8 to 5:30. Then slept till 8 again. He had his 2 month vaccines yesterday though, so maybe it was that along with the tylenol. Either way, its great. He is now 13lb 11oz and 24.5 inches long. That is the 90th and 95th percentile, respectively. What a big little man I have!! The shots went well. He screamed when he got the injections but as soon as I picked him up he stopped. Its nice to know I am such a comfort to him :) And he LOVED the oral vaccine...he started sucking on it like a bottle and couldn't get enough....How funny is that!


javidsgirl - October 17

well my cycles are once agian screwed up i had my pp period on the 29th to the 4th and now 13 days later i"m spotting agian do you guys think it is becuase of the mini pill i am going to see my doc on tuesday.Krissy i hope all goes well today and you and your family are in my thoughts.i understand what you are going through it isn"t easy.Tiffany i"m glad you finaly got the right diagnosis for alex that must have been so frustrating you sure are lucky having so many docs in the family.morgan i"m your boys are doing better that must be really hard on you taking care of 2 sick ones and working be sure to take care of yourself too KB Annika"s smile is so cute she is going to be a very prety girl you better get that stick ready to ward off the boys lol. donia i'm glad aidens vaccines went so well and you certainly do have a big little man i think both you and kelly do .what was the oral vaccine for?


javidsgirl - October 17

* i mean i"m glad your boy not i"m your boys


kimberly - October 17

Tiffany, do you think maybe Ethan is sick? My babies never ate good when they were sick. Hope it works itself out soon for you! KB, only other thing I can think of that would make her do this is if she is teething. I know it seems early for teething but my youngest son started teething at 2 1/2 months and had 2 teeth at almost 4 months. It could also be like you said the flow of milk is not as fast. Kelley she doesn't seem to be sick and she don't have a fever. It reminds me of the kind of rash you get if you are allergic to soap or something. Thing is I haven't changed soap. Kyleigh, slept most of the night too, she was up at 3:30 and then was back down by 4:15, not to bad! Ryan, lost his game last night, but it wasn't fair. One of his players scored an awesome touchdown, but they got a 15 yard penalty and didn't get to claim the touchdown because his coach had a player playing both offense and defense in all the quarters. I guess that is not allowed. Anyway at the end of the last quarter it was still 0 to 0 so they had a chance to try to score again but because of the 15 yard penalty the other team was so close and they got the touchdown. It just was so unfair!! On a more personal note, I am on my second period since having Kyleigh and omg it is bad! I am at work and I keep having to make trips to the bathroom, this is horrible!


KBinParis - October 17

Holy cow Kimberly, two teeth at 4 months, wow, that's crazy! Were you b___st feeding at the time? Also, regarding periods, I haven't stopped bleeding since I gave birth. Its very little but my obgym said that it would continue as long as I b___st feed. I hadn't read or heard about this, any of you b___stfeeders still bleeding?


kelley - October 17

See you in part 4!!!!


TiffanyRae - October 17

KB~ I am nine week pp, only b___st feed and I stopped bleeding at around five weeks. Then I started the mini pill and got a HORRIBLE period. So I stopped taking it and I haven't bled since. But my girlfriend who hasa ten week old, also b___st feeds is still bleeding...ever since pp. So I think your doc is right it all depends on the person! Tanya....I had a horrible heavy period after taking the mini pill....I called my doctor and he said it was most likely because of the pill so I stopped taking it and bam I stopped bleeding! No more pill for me!!! :) Have a great day all!



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