August Mommies 2007 Part 3

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jen327 - October 2

DH and I have discussed DTD several times, but both times mutually agreed we were too tired. I was just allowed at 8 weeks so it has only been a week and 1/2. But DH won't do it with Sean in the room so we joked we have to go to the bas____nt bedroom to do it and that has yet to happen. I just don't have a s_x drive at all right now. Anyone feel that way?


javidsgirl - October 2

jess my little ones name is mariam. sophie i have dtd it did not hurt i did after about three weeks it was uncomfortable but now not so bad i am currently on my first pp period which isn"t that bad ethier at this point but from what i have heard if you first isn"t awful your second will be . as for the s_x drive still don"t have mine back yet well off i go


friendtilthend - October 2

Sophie.... I have done the dtd it was a little uncomfortable the first time. My s_x drive is down. Dh jokes that Ethan gets all my attention and I have no time for him. The truth is he has been working so much overtime that he is usually asleep by 8 pm if not then he is watching a baseball game.


friendtilthend - October 2

Jen how is Sean doing with nursing. I hope you two are figuring it out. Hang in there.


Krissy25 - October 2

DH and i have had s_x a few times at around 6 weeks pp but didn't get too far, for some reason it is pretty painful for me. I feel bad for my dh b/c he really wants to, hopefully it will get better soon. But in all honesty it is hard b/c Jacquelyn doesn't sleep as much and i'm tired too.


kim00 - October 2

I don't go in for my pp checkup until the 12th, so I want to wait until after that to have s_x, but dh wants to so bad. I have absolutely no desire though.


JessC531 - October 2

I have absolutely no desire to dtd. My poor dh sure does though! We got the ok to do it last week, at 6 weeks pp, but we haven't. My ob actually told me that I shouldn't expect to really get my s_x drive back for a year!!! Yikes! I definitely can't make dh wait that long! LOL.


slackette - October 2

We haven't dtd yet either. I have no desire to (really the first time I have felt this way in our entire relationship), and DH is pretty understanding. He did mention something about it tonight though, so I suppose we will have to give it a try within then next week or two. I hear that it can still be uncomfortable even after a c-section vs. v____al birth. We'll see!


moescrilla - October 2

Jess - my lo's name is Leyton. He was born Aug 28th. I have an older son, Micah, who just turned 2. I have no desire to dtd either, but I havent gone for my 6 week checkup either. I fear after the checkup, dh will be bothering me allot more to do it....but I have no desire what so ever. poor dh..


lovestruckjsw - October 3

Jess, my lo's name is Grace. As far as dtd... ever since the 6 week mark, dh and I have done it either every day or every other day. Sorry if tmi. I was worried my drive would be down, but I feel like my old, pre pregnancy self again as far as that subject goes. I got a lot of unpacking done today. Ok off to look at the new pictures, shower, and then get some sleep!


Krissy25 - October 3

Amanda you need to spread some of that lebido around, lol.


javidsgirl - October 3

i second that krissy. your dh is one lucky man amanda lol. a year to get your s_x drive back wow didn't think it would take that long. well i guess i could see that after all theyt say it takes 9 years to fully recover from childbirth mind you i am so not waiting that long to have another lol i would like to have another in 2 or 3 years. well i have to take mariam back to the peds today for some test i am hoping everything will be just find on monday they told me they think it is a murmur but they weren"t sure i hope it isn't but i guess i will just haveto wait to see what god has in store for us. anyways loks like we will be moving nov 1javid is going to look at this condo today that is conviently located near a hospital and down the street from a huge shopping center well off i go my boss is paging lol


kelley - October 3

Good morning ladies, hope that all is well, as for dtd... a couple of times since my check up, and this was the least uncomfortable it has been after any of the 3 kids. I remember after Molly it was very uncomfortable. As for s_x drive, I have very little, and yes it can take a long time to get it back, especially if you are exclusively bf. Good Luck with everything today TANYA, I am sure that Miriam will be fine, I will say a prayer. Good Luck with the move too. I am of to get Molly ready for preschool, she has her first school pictures today.


kimberly - October 3

Hello everyone! I wasn't on here yesterday and I see everyone was very chatty. I tried to catch up a bit. Kim, Thanks for asking about my mom! She is doing ok for the moment. She says she feels good. I think she puts on a front for all of us kids though, she doesn't look good and she is weak and tired most of the time. For those of you who don't know my mother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and is now getting chemo. They are talking about removing some or all of her colon, but my mom is reluctant because she will be left with a colostomy bag. She has her days...we just cherish the good ones! Amanda, glad you are situated in your new house. Kyleigh is still sleeping in my room in her ba__sinet. I said I would move her at 6 weeks to her room, but she is still waking at night a lot. I think I would spend more time in her room than in mine. Jess, my dd is Kyleigh Brooke, she will be 7 weeks tommorrow and I have two sons Ryan 8 and Isaac 4. I will check out all the new pics on the piczo when I am home from work tonight. If you all haven't seen my piczo yet, check it out. I am under My Family, only because I can't figure out how to change it to say Kimberly. I will be putting some pics of dh and I on there this weekend. Have a good day!!


friendtilthend - October 3

Good morning ladies.... Tanya my oldest Johnny who is now 14 yrs old( and a lot bigger than me) had a heart murmur when he was born. His dr said it would go away on it's own and it did. We just had to go in once and a while for the dr to listen to his chest. Other than that he had no problems. Amanda.... I still have a s_x drive it's just not as high, however with everything I can't seem to find the time. It's like every time we try the baby starts to cry and he's in another room. Almost like he knows. Off the subject do any of you girls watch HEROES ? Or Journeyman? Or House? My kids and I are stuck on those shows. We call them our family shows.


javidsgirl - October 3

well were back from the peds and he said it is a very minor murmur that will go away in time. and mariam has a minor infection so she has to take some meds for a 5 days then we go back next wednesday for her shots he didn"t want to give her them today becuase of the infection he said becuase the shots can cause a fever that would only make things worse she had to get a swab put in her nose to get a swab of her throut she didn"t like that much but can you blame her i don"t like things shove up my nose ethier lol. other that she weighs 12.6 pounds and is 61cm long or 24inches he said this girl is going to be tall then i said just my luck my kids would be taller then me oh well ca la vie right



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