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dee23 - January 25

ive left ds with my aunt twice in the past week so i can do wedding things that are well and truely an emergency thing which i know ds does not like to tag along...just screams. anyway, ds has reflux and she knows this. we have him on 4 240ml bottles a day plus 2 x solids per day. and she gave him 2 bottles plus one serve of solids in 2 and a half hours on the first day and he got really acidy and spewy, which is understandable having too much food. so today, i wrote down his sceduele saying exactly what to give him and when....anywho...while he was there, she gave him his whole quota of bottles for a whole day! i dont know how much more simple i can make it for her. then she complained about how sick he was and spewy and so on. and after that, she tryed giving him yet another bottle but couldnt find the formula...thank gosh for that! so in a time frame of 10am to 4pm he was given 3 240ml bottles and 2 x solids.......and all she could say was 'but he took it so he wanted it'. babies his age (6 months) dont have the ability to say no to food yet. i just cant understand her after i said this is how you feed him, and she still wants to feed him all the time. she is babysitting him again on monday and i dont have a choice, and there is noone else. any help on how i could make this more simple for her to understand? i dont like to see him sick, especially after his reflux was starting to get beeter, thx.


Emily - January 25

I can see you pint, I would be upset too, but babies 6mons do have th e abiltiy to say no to food. babies are bettter at it than adults. The turn away form it, that of course does not stop an adult like your aunt form force feeding him. I would try calmly explaining it again why it is importnant he stay on his eating schedule and offer other suggestions on how she cna comfor thim with out giving him food...


EMBERBABY - January 25

Unfortunately dee, some people will do what they do regardless of what you ask of them. I don't know if your aunt is one of these but as you said "how much clearer can you be" My lo also has acid reflux so I can completely understand your frustration. What is crazy is that she would complain of how sick he was!!! Hello?!!! She made him sick geeez. On Monday I would calmly tell her because of the excess amount of food he sufferred horrible acid reflux. She will probably feel bad and follow your directions to the "T" Unfortunately older relatives usually think they know better because they raised x amount of kids. Good luck on Monday


aurorabunny - January 25

Oh lord, my ds has always had severe reflux and if someone did that I would FLIP OUT!! My MIL acts like she wants to do it sometimes...she thinks he's constantly hungry because he has his hands in his mouth (hello, he's got 2 teeth coming in---duh!). Maybe try to explain to her that overfeeding baby like that doesn't just make him spit up---it makes him in PAIN. Maybe if you explain to her how painful the reflux actually is and what it can do to his little esophagus than she might me a little more empathetic??


kellens mom - January 25

Can you make up bottles and label them the exact time to feed? Likewise, can you do this with food instead of just giving her jars that she can keep dipping more food from? Don't leave her extra formula. Instead tell her that this is all the food and milk she has to work with, so she should plan ahead and use it wisely. Poor little guy!


dee23 - January 25

thx guys, and thx for empathising with me. my mil suggested i label bottles, but she would just wash it and reuse it. i might tell her what it can do to him like ember said, thats the only other thing that might work at this point i guess. even though i need a break sometimes im just so worried about him there now. and i was going to leave his last feed with her (extra) incase i didnt make it back by then, but dh has decided to pick him up so he will have ds for the last part so thats some relife. the only thing im worried about, is that im leaving him with her for 6 hours one monday and will only be leaing 2 bottles, and 2 lots of formula. what if she gives all that too him in the first few hours like she has been? well, wish my baby boy some luck.



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