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eclipse - February 19

Hey everyone that helped-wanted to update you on Liam. Went back to the doctor today because he hasn't slept for 3 nights, spitting up increasing, screaming when being put down, etc. They gave us Zantac and a one way pass to a pediatric GI. Oh, and you were right-the Zantac tastes HORRIBLE!!! So we started him today and so far, so good. The poor little guy is so exhausted and I'm about to wreck my car when driving, so no traveling for a few days :P They said we should see some results if there will be any in 3 days with the Zantac but the Ped GI may want to give him stronger stuff-he has gained 4 pounds because of comfort feeding and grown an inch since his 2 month appointment. I don't even want to say his stats because they are scary. :) Anyway, wanted to update you all and thank you again for your excellent advice. My question is what to expect now? How long did it take for any of the meds that your little ones were on to see any improvement at all? How are your babies now? Thanks...


Bonnie - February 19

lol Mason was a GIANT at 2 months old. For Mason. the Zantac worked for about 4 days and then he was right back to his old self. :( That was when we saw the GI who gave him Prevacid. 2 weeks of hell followed that, and then the prevacid kicked in and i had a new baby. Zantac does work for most babies, provided he gave you the right dose. It is extremely weight oriented. When is your GI appointment? I wish you so much luck, I hope you get a good one like we did!


aurorabunny - February 19

I am SO glad that they finally getting with the program, this sounds like steps in the right direction. =) Brody's Zantac seemed like it started helping after only a couple days, but it never helped THAT much, only so-so. They decided he needed an added med after he aspirated on his reflux and had a stop breathing event and had to be hospitilized...and the lovely hospital doc we had told us to stop the Zantac immediately and failed to tell us that the Prilosec took at least 2 weeks to work (she said 2 days...yah right.) So we ended up back in Urgent Care 2 days later and was told to put him back on the Zantac until the Prilosec kicked in....but it was basically like Bonnie said, 2 weeks of hell for us as well pretty much. Then we had a new baby too.=) Let us know how it goes!!


Perl - February 20

Tell your pharmacist to add flavor to the Zantac. I tasted it too and eww it was awful!! So I complained about it and they added grape flavoring for an extra $2.99 at Rite Aid. It still has the bad aftertaste but it's helps some and when my ds burps it smells like grape. lol It took only a couple of days before I saw an improvement but he still has a bad day here and there.


Patti - February 20

Zantac worked for us w/ both my refluxers. It took about a week to really see results and it had to be adjusted frequently w/ weight gain. My GI had me do Zantac and Mylanta. The mylanta was in between zantac doses and was immediate relief. I hope the Zantac does the trick for you and you can get some sleep. I remember those nights of 20 mins here and there. I had my mom help one night but could only sleep 2 hours and was wide awake. 2 straight hours was heaven to me at the time! Although it seems it will never get better, it really does. Between meds and age, it will get better. I'm glad your seeing the GI. Hang in there!!


eclipse - February 20

As usual, thank you ladies. I am calling to make an appointment in a minute. He was able to sleep last night-went down at 11, woke up at 2:30 and 6:30 and is back asleep now. Hey, I will take it. He is so good about taking the medicine, especially if we chase it with a bottle. That kid is amazing, never fails to amaze me. He is 25 1/2 inches and 18 pounds now (!) The doctor was the good one and actually listened to me and I decided on the spot that I am never seeing the other one again. She is fully expecting them to put him on stronger stuff and the Zantac is mostly to tide him over until we can get in, which will probably be in a week or so. I am also worried about him aspirating-he has had some scary coughing issues that sound really bad lately, and after my years working in the ER and a Surgery Center, I freak out when I hear that dreaded sound. I am hoping the dosage of the Zantac is enough-she is having us give him 1 ml 2 times a day. It is split on the prescription at 10lbs, 20lbs, etc. so I am hoping that it won't be a problem that he is at the high end of the first part. I give him a tiny bit more if he loses any...I'm sorry I am babbling, I am really tired. Thanks again.


Danielle19 - February 20

the zantac worked great for jordan, he had some pretty scary coughing/choking incidents to so i know how you feel, and hes a big boy from all the comfor feeding, we only used the zantac and jordan is now free of it at 7 months and no longer has reflux so you may not need to give him anything else, if the zantac works for you, good luck!!!


Bonnie - February 20

I am so glad to hear it. I hope you don;t have to wait too long to get in to the GI. Some of them take quite a while. It sounds like your new ped is awesome. If he is choking a lot, the GI will probably either order a swallow stufy to check for aspiration or have you start thickening the formula. Either way, it really sounds like you are finally on the right track. Hopefully the rough preiod will end soon and you can actually enjoy the time with your baby. (((HUGS)))


be - February 20

hi eclipse. i'm so glad you got to see a new ped who listened. it's important. anyway zantac didn't work for my baby but she is on prevacid which started working in three days. i just hope she continues to do well. i hope yours only needs zantac. i hope he continues to do well and i hope you get to now enjoy your baby, b/c i'm starting to.


eclipse - February 20

I have an appointment this Friday- I couldn't believe it! My ped is in the same practice as the other one, but vastly different. she did suggest that we may switch him down the line to Enfamil AR but he is mostly on bm so I am thickening it slightly because it destroys his tummy if we thicken it as much as they want. I will do whatever they want if my baby is ok. He is such a little trouper and so happy usually. I will keep you updated-we actually got sleep last night/today!!! Yay team!


eclipse - February 22

Well, pain is the name of the game. He will sleep for an hour (half an hour of which I am holding him upright) and then be crying hysterically. I cannot make him feel better. I guess the Zantac isn't cutting it. I don't know what to! I am counting the minutes until his appointment.


Patti - February 22

I'm so sorry. Tomorrow you'll be on your way to finding relief for your poor DS. Sounds like Prevacid might be in order. I know you are exhausted and frustrated, but you're doing such a great job! Hang in there! Hugs.


eclipse - February 23

Well, today is the day, and in good time, since Liam projectile vomited his food this morning. I will let you know what the doctor said when we get back this afternoon.


Bonnie - February 23

Good luck! I am SO glad they got you in so quickly. :)


aurorabunny - February 23

Just from what you said, I was guessing Zantac might not be enough to cut it. So glad that you are in today...Let us know what happened as soon as you can! Good luck!!


eclipse - February 24

He has full out GERd, they are raising the Zantac to 3 times a day 1 ml because he is a big boy, but if it isn't doing as good a job, I am to call Wednesday to switch to prevacid. They want to try meds first before putting him through invasive testing. I appreciate that, especially after everything he was through in the beginning with jaundice and all. We are only thickening his night bottle now, and see where we are. So far so good, usually he would be awake again by now. He is an hour late :) Wish us luck, we will see how he does.


eclipse - February 24

Oh, and the doctor was great, patient with us, caring, wonderful with him, and spent time with us...disturbing! :)



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