Aurora Bonnie Et Al Update On Reflux

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eclipse - February 24

Oh, and the doctor was great, patient with us, caring, wonderful with him, and spent time with us...disturbing! :)


lexa - February 24

I wish you all the luck in the world! Zantac (3xs day) and all feedings thickened is working for us right now too. I hope it all continues to go well. These poor babies!


Bonnie - February 24

Sounds like wyou had a great appointment!! I hope the Zantac works and quite glad they got ya dosed right now. :) I also agree about the testing. Tests like Upper GIs only confirm reflux and they aren't that great at spotting it. Tests like PH Probes and Scopes are far more evasive and I wouldn't do them unless you had to. We came close to a Scope with Mason but luckily didn;t have to do it. ((((HUGS))) Hopefully you get some relief soon! :D


eclipse - February 24

We aren't able to thicken all of his bottles, just the night one, but LIAM SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!! I almost had a heart attack. Of course, he was a bear when he got up, but I will take it!!! I am so happy!!!!


aurorabunny - February 24

YAY!!!! I am so happy for you. =) It sounds like you had a wonderful appointment. Also glad they didn't do any test, Brody had a ph probe done and it was horrible on the end of his 24 hours it took about 3 weeks to get the results back and they were like "Yep, he has reflux". Well gee, thanks. Like we didn't already know that! But it sounds like things are going in a great direction for you, keep the good news comin'!=)


Perl - February 24

Eclipse, I'm so happy for you and Liam that you got him to sleep through the night. I'm still waiting for my day to come. How old is Liam or how much does he weigh? And how much rice cereal did you add to his night bottle? I just started the rice cereal last night and increased my ds Zantac to 1.2 ml twice a day but it's still not helping. He's been doing fine for about a month on Zantac now but in the past few days, he's been doing horribly, not sleeping, vomiting, gagging, choking, coughing, etc. I hope this increased dose shows an improvement really soon but I'm discouraged that the rice cereal didn't help us.


eclipse - February 25

Perl, we only thicken his night bottle 1 tsp an ounce because of the bad gas Bonnie mentioned and subsequent crying that comes with that. We also use oatmeal (Gerber organic baby oatmeal btw) because it seems to upset his tummy less. He is 14 weeks old and 18 lbs and 25 1/2 inches long-not a small baby. (Can you say comfort feeder? I can!) He gets 1 ml of Zantac 3 times a day and Maalox 1 ml up to 5 times a day as needed, usually just twice. I would talk to your ped about the dosage, you may have to go to a ped gi, our ped had us on way too low a dosage for his weight. He still is choking and coughing randomly, but he is such a mover that he just rolls on his side while I'm wrecking furniture trying to get to him. On the plus side, he slept through again! We might actually get a schedule out of this!! I don't want to count on too much though, because he is still new to everything. He is such a trooper, really good about taking that nasty stuff and although he is fussier during the day than normal, he is sleeping better at night, so I will take it. He finally is losing the rings under his eyes. Oh, and the doc agrees with Bonnie, the reflux peaks at 4-6 months, but GERD can peak as late as 8-12 months, but usually resolved by 15 months.


eclipse - February 26

Perl, how is your lo doing today?



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