Avent Bottles Leaking BPA

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Prego1 - November 12

Is anyone else using Avent bottles and heating the formula in it? I have been using Avent since DD was born, even her pacis are all Avent. I concerned now about the BPA. What would you do? Would you stop using these? I have read conflicting reports. Are there any bottles out there that are reasonable? I need something that DD can alternate w/ br___t. Thanks


c_baer19 - November 12

I use Playtex Drop-Ins, which are BPA free and my DD has no problem switching between the bottle and b___st. The nipple has a wider base, to be similar to the b___st.


JessC531 - November 12

We were using Avent until I read about the BPA. Now we're using Medela bottles - really basic, but no BPA. Since we're only doing a bottle a day (of b___st milk), it works for us. I think there's another kind called born free that's safe. Something like that. GL!


DB - November 12

I am still using Avent bottles, but I do not put them in the dishwasher ever. Does just heating them like normal (in warm water) cause the bpa to leak??!?! So confusing!


Prego1 - November 12

I checked out the Born Free ones and they are 10 dollars per bottle! My gosh! OK I read that u need to check the no. on the bottom of the bottle. The ones that have BPA have number 7. Also they said to get the opaque bottles instead. I'm also confused. I have a ton of these Avent bottles. Dr. Browns also have the BPA. If I get the Medela DD might get confused bec. it is so different from b___st. I can try the Drop Ins I guess.


Prego1 - November 12

Sorry, I guess it's not just no. 7. If it's clear and looks like gla__s it also has the BPA.


docbytch - November 12

It would seem to me that if the Avent bottles were leaking dangerous amounts of BPA they would be taken off the market?? They are meant for babies...I cannot see even big business being callous enough to put "the bottom line" before the welfare of babies! I use the Avent bottles....I only handwash them in soapy water in the sink...then they are sterilized in a steam sterilizer.


docbytch - November 12

I know I sound hopelessly naive or idealistic....but if companies are allowing something like that to happen......Grrrrrrr


c_baer19 - November 12

docbytch, I agree. I only use the Drop-Ins because I liked them and their convenience.. I chose to use them before any of this BPA buzz came about! I'm just glad I don't even have to worry about it. I always have the same mentality though - if it was that unsafe, it wouldn't be on the shelves.


DDT - November 12

There is such a hype over this...I swear how did any kids 20 years ago survive. Never heat your bottles in the microwave or clean them in the dishwasher. This is how the BPA leaks. I use Avent bottles, and use a bottle warmer to warm them...and to clean them I handwash them in soapy water and then use the microwave sterilizer.


bl - November 13

I'm using gerber clear view bottles that are bpa free and very reasonably priced. Google pba free bottles and you will find all sorts of bottles that are bpa free. Zrecs.blogspot is a great resource.


pregnant76 - November 13

It's okay to use as long as the bottles are not exposed to any high heat...even in an any kind of sterilizer. I stopped using them when DD was 9 weeks old which was right after I found out. At that point, I chose to switch over to Playtex drop-in (which I hated the amount of plastic I was using) then finally to the Born Free bottles. They are expensive but they are the closest to the Avent bottle and I think my DD will be using them for a while so I think it's worth the investment. I also stopped sterilizing bottles at the 9 week mark. The reason these companies haven't taken them off the market is b/c there isn't enough long term research studies done. So why would they even bother then?


Prego1 - November 13

Well I've been using these since DD was born and I use a bottle warmer and also using the sterilizer. I'll just switch her to the Gerber ClearView, they are cheap and doesn't have the BPA, just in case. Better safe than sorry. From what I read a lot of the effects might be subtle and not seen til later in life. They really need to do more studies and if they have any inkling that something isn't very safe, they need to stop using them instead of waiting.


jen327 - November 13

Use the Avent bottles with the liner, they have BPA but don't leak because the milk is in the liner. I just switch to them and the nipples are al the same.


lily10 - November 13

It's funny that the born free bottles are so expensive because they are BPA free yet drop in's original nurser (although you do have to keep buying liners...) and clearview have always been bpa free and they are really inexpensive. My dd is b___stfed and just by luck the only 2 bottles she took to were the drop ins and the gerber clear view with the nuk nipple. The drop in natural latch slow flow nipple is a great choice for alternating between the b___st and bottle.


madison - November 14

maybe i'm out of the loop....but what have you all heard or read about the avent bottles???? i havent seen anything on the news and everyone i know who uses the avent bottles (which is a lot of moms) washes them in the dishwasher and hasn't had any problems. we used the playtex drop-in bottles for 7 months and just now started using some of our avent bottles, as well, because dd handles the nipple flow better than the "rapid" flow on the playtex bottles, and slow is almost too slow. anyway, where did you all get information about not putting them in the dishwasher or about them leaking BPA? thanks!


jennifer_33106 - November 14

Im also confused and what is BPA?



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