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kristine - December 11

How old is your baby, and how much awake time can he/she handle before needing a nap or bedtime? My son is 7 months old and he takes a nap around 9:00, sometimes until 11:00. By 1:00 he is rubbing his eyes again. Late afternoon/evening always brings a longer period of awake time as he refuses a third nap. I have been putting him to bed by 6:30, but I think he may need to go to bed earlier. He has just started a lot of night waking again, and family members tell me that I need to keep him up later. I don't know which way to adjust his bedtime. That's probably a question for another post, but it all seems so related. Could he be overtired and that is why the night waking has started again? By the way, he already has two teeth, so it isn't the beginning of teething, although he could be getting more teeth!


lin7604 - December 11

i do believe that he is overtired. I find that my son starts to night wakes when he gets overtired. At that age my ds was starting to refuse a 3rd nap too somedays, so i had to compinsate for the missed napand had to put him to bed at 6pm, a few times even 5:30 just to avoid him getting overtired. I wasn't a believer that he would sleep right through but he did. He needed to make up for lost sleep. My ds was around 2.5 hrs awake time at that age and still somedays would only do 2hrs, on those days we got 3 naps no problem, other times i had to rock him or take him for a car ride so he would get enough to tie him over till 7pm for bed.


DDT - December 12

My son is almost 10 months old (17th) and he wakes up for the day anywhere between 6:30-7am. He needs his morning nap at about 9am. He will nap anywhere from 45mins-1.5hrs. Then he gets an afternoon nap at about 12-12:30pm. He naps again anywhere from 30mins-1.5hrs. Then sometimes but rarely these days he will need a catnap at around 4-4:30pm. This is a short nap lasting about 30mins. I would put your lo to bed 30 mins earlier than usual to see if that makes a difference. Give it a few days though to see any results. BTW my ds also started night waking at the same age and still does it on occasion, but luckily he is able to put himself back to sleep within 1-2mins. I chalk/ed it up to teething and seperation anxiety. You are right about can last months as new teeth come in.



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