Aww Poor Baby

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Jamie - October 11

Today is my darling's 2 month appointment...meaning...shots. I'm definately a pro-vaxer, I've talked extensively with my husband and my parents, and I've done all the research, so she's definately going to be vaccinated, but my poor baby getting shots! I don't wanna do it, I hate needles, I don't want to hurt her. 8-( Plus, my husband was supposed to be able to come with me to this appointment, to help me when she got the shots, but now he can't. (And that changed yesterday) And I just wanna cry cause I know she's gonna hate it and be miserable.


TC - October 11

Hey Jamie cheer up :) The two of you will be just fine. And you know what, you never know, you just might shed more tears than your baby will. Babies are much stronger than we think. Just think of how you are protecting her life in the long run. Make sure you have some children's tylenol ready and try to enjoy this parenting milestone. Good luck!!


karine - October 11

My daughter and son, were sleeping through it. and kinda woke up with the shot, and didnt think much of it, fell back to sleep. LOL my daughter only rialized she would get "hurt" on her 12mts needle. And my son still dosent cry, when he got his last.


Jamie - October 11

Maybe I'll get lucky...but she's already being abnormally fussy today so we'll see


s - October 11

my little one did fine with shots once she fell asleep she had obviosly stopped screaming, but after waking from her nap she was happy and cheerfull at both her 2, and 4 mos. shots next week is her 6 mo. check up


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 11

It will be ok! You will cry more than she does, you can also ask for another nurse to come and hold her while she gets shots then you can pick her up after its all over. Amaya is always in such a better mood after we leave the doctors office. She only cries for a second while the meds are going in and then she is fine. The worst part is when I have to pull the bandaids off! Remember to give her tylenol about 30 mins before shots! Good luck and let us know how she does!


Jamie - October 11

Well, she screamed her head off when she got the shots, but I nursed her immediately after, so she calmed down right away...but the poor thing hasn't smiled once since then...she just seems so spaced out and lethargic, and her eyes are all gla__sy. 8-(



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