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hmreyna - March 8

My ds has turned into the biggest brat ever!! I know alot of you moms with younger babies are thinking AWW... but my ds just turned 1 and he has completely changed personalities! He throws tantrams constantly if he does not get exactly what he wants! It is driving me crazy. This morning he was playing and he couldn't get his cheerios out of the container and kept growling and throwing the container along with screaming. I know he wanted to get it open and couldn't but geez.... this is how he is starting to act 24/7. And I mean ALL the time. We were at the grocery store this morning and he wanted everything off the shelves and couldn't get them, so he started screaming at me and throwing his arms around. When he does this I usually say "That is not nice" in a very stern voice. Is this normal or am I encouraging him in some way I dont realize??!!


BriannasMummy - March 8

I think all children go through a stage like that. When Brianna was about 18 months old.. I dreaded taking her anywhere. She would have huge all out tantrums in the middle of the mall if she couldnt walk/touch something/walk in a certain direction. It was horrible!!! Just keep telling him that how he is acting is NOT okay and eventually hell come out of it. I know how frustrated you must be, it takes a lot of patience in that stage! My sympathy goes out to you! ~Kristin~


JEN - March 8

MY SON IS THE SAME WAY!!!! He is 15 months today and has recently started to throw these tantrums for anything that upsets him in the slightest way. It is very hard to deal with, but I found an article on babycenter.com that explains why they act this way, so it is a little easier becuase now I understand why he acts the way he does. This forum will not let me post the URL, so just go to babycenter.com and search fro tantrums.


Shea - March 8

My son is 13 mos and is the same also. He has started "head b___ting" everythign too...the wall, me, the floor. It's really not fun. I just have to keep distracting him with something new. I let him get into the tupperware, play with pots and pans, the basket of laundry, whatever it takes to interest him in something else so he stops throwing a fit. At the grocery I give him something I am buying to hold that I know he won't destroy, like a box of teddy grahms, and it buys me a little time.



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