Babies Acid Refluz Cereal

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Ashley - November 21

My son got Acid Refux and it seems like his formula doesnt satisfy him enough, hes is only 4 months old but close to 20 pounds! I was thinking about putting him on Cereal, is that a good idea?


Tanya - November 21

My son has AR as well - he will be 4 months on November 30th and weighs just over 18lbs. He has 7 or 8 ounces every four hours. As for cereal, I am a paranoid first time mom so I am waiting for my doctor to give the OK!


Ashley - November 21

thats basically what I am doing!! you seem to be in the exactly same boat me and my fiancee are in!! my son was 10.2 pounds when he was born!


Tanya - November 21

Ours was 9lb, 3 ounces when he was born! Yeah, the acid reflux is...**fun**.......LOL, how many little clothes do you go through in a day!?


Ashley - November 22

5-6 sleepers, 2 jackets, and1-2 suits


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 22

My son has acid reflux and is 3 mos old, weighing over 16 lbs. He takes zantac twice a day and gets 2 teaspoons of cereal in every bottle. Per docs orders. Along with keeping him upright etc, all that seems to really help him keep the acid down and the spitting to a minimum. You may want to ask your doc. He has had no problems whatsoever with the cereal.


BBK ® © - November 22

Our doc gave us the green light to start cereal at the 4 month visit, spoonfeeding only; My daughter ended up wearing most of it the first time. Giving her tiny amounts trained her to learn the spoon so only after 3 days she got the thing down pat. The primary source of her nutrition is still milk and a bit formula but the cereal is good training, and quite a spectacle! Also ask your doc about enfamil AR formula to help with reflux


Ashley - November 23

for 4 days my son was screaming nonstop, so yesterday I took it upon myself to feed him some cereal, I only wanted to feel him 3-4 baby spoonfuls, he had like 10! he loved it!! the problem is for the rest of the day he only had like 8 or so ounces if formula and he threw most of it up, is that normal?



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