Babies Amp Juice

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Sharon - November 15

When is it ok to start baby on juice?


Lynn - November 15

Why would you want to start baby on juice? Water is fine for babies at any age & better for them too.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

She asked a question, not for a lecture. Sharon, different people and different doctors have different views. You should discuss with your doctor and make a decision based on your docs opinion and what you feel is right for your baby. I am not a believer in waiting on solids and juice til 6 months, but that is just me. I will give my son some juice in the next month. He is 3 months and is doing great on solids so far. I don't need a lecture either, my son is fine.


Mommy - November 15

I heard from my doctor that you can start juice at 6-8 months. I started giving 2-4 ounces a day when he was constipated. Otherwise water is better, but it is your choice and I'm sure you know your baby best. :o)


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 15

Sorry, I get a little cranky when people try to preach, instead of give advice. Of course water is better, but juice in moderation is not a bad thing either. She was not asking when she could only give her kid juice and nothing else, it was just a simple, innocent question. We are here to be supportive, if people don't have anything helpful to add, they should move along.


Julie - November 15

With my first son I didn't give it to him until he was around 15 months. It is sooo filled with sugar I kept him on just milk after the first year.


Jadyns Mommy - November 15

My daughters Dr ok'd her to have 2 oz of juice diluted with 2 oz of water each day at 2 months old. She was constipated so this helped. She is now 6 months and still drinks diluted juice everyday and I think she is sometimes refreshed to have this rather then formula everytime.


Kathryn - November 15

I'm in no hurry to start my son on juice. I now give him (he's almost six months) water when I feed him solids. Other than that, he drinks b___stmilk.


Jbear - November 15

The WIC clinic says you can start your baby on juice at 6 months. I did that with my first daughter, but she didn't really care for the taste at first. You're supposed to start with apple or pear juice, and then wait a while for citrus juices.



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