Babies Are So Smart

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BBK ® © - October 19

OK, so I get home last night and my wife gave me my marching orders to mix some formula because the baby seemed hungry even after emptying both br___ts. Since I was close to them I used the hand sanitizer near by; baby Anna smiled and giggled. I thought it was cute so I went to the kitchen. Well, she started crying instantly! In her mind putting hand sanitizer on means we'll pick her up! So I had to rush back and do so! In a seprate incident, I was unpacking some new clothes a friend got for her and she was looking at the whole process very carefully! When we tried them on, she was smiling and giggling! She's a girl alright!


Chelsey - October 19

She sounds so cute! Definately a girl, haven't met one that doesn't love clothes! Hailey changes about 4 times a day, not usually matching too well, but she tries to be fashionable and "saxy". lol. Wait until Anna cries when your opening new clothes that she DOESN"T like!


Narcissus - October 19

Really cute, BBK!! Especially the part about trying on clothes. Aja loves to be dressed in new clothes as well. He thinks its funny when we put new outfits on him and coo over how cute he is. I think they sense that we are head over heals in love w/ them.


Shelly - October 19

Have you taken her shopping already?You know that is part of her "girly" education huh?And i agree,babies are smarter than we give them credit for.Yesterday i wanted to clean my porch so i can decorate for halloween,and Jesse was so awake all day,i decided to put him in his carseat and then on the stroller and have him on the porch with me. Well he got so excited,carseat means going to places and he just loves that;well 5 min past and no movement right,he sure let me know.I felt guilty so i carried him to wal-mart;i had to go anyways,but he was soo disappointed on being "stuck" in the stroller,those babies.....


BBK ® © - October 19

Wow Chelsey, how long before Hailey asks for her own credit card? LOL. I'll be in the same boat soon too!


BBK ® © - October 19

Narcissus, Aja seems like he liked the jumpsuit you put him in LOL! Wait till he grows up! Shelly they can certainly a__sociate things and actions by now for sure!


Shelly - October 19

No kidding!!! He already quits fussing when i put his bib on,he knows he will get his bottle right after that.


chelsey - October 19

Funny you ask BBK! She's got "play" credit cards! She prefers to buy "silkies". Which means... she goes into my room and takes anything made of silk or satin and hoards it away in her room, for later use!


BBK ® © - October 19

"play" credit cards! LMAO! Shelly Anna does the same thing and also laughs when we undress her since she a__sociated that with her bathtime, which she loves!


momma - October 19

my daughter also loves to try on cloths latly she also loves to try to tug them away from me it makes her laugh when i gently tugh them back she has started to grab at cloths when i am shopping for her she also seems to know when her daddy gets home from work


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 19

Amaya has a couple of outfits that have snaps and she has learned that if she pulls them apart they come undone, so when we start getting her ready for her bath (towel, washcloth, take her hair down) she will pull the snaps apart. Its like she is telling us we arent doing it fast enough!


Jadyns Mommy - October 19

Jadyn seems to hate to have socks on so she is always pulling them off. A few days ago after putting them back on for the umpteenth time, I grabbed both her hands and was telling her that she cant get them off without her hands and she gave me the funniest know-it-all smile and proceeded to kick her heels against the high chair seat til both socks dropped to the floor and she just burst into laughter! She definitely proved me wrong!


Tahlia's Mama - October 19

You better believe how smart they are!! Firstly she has figured out that when the microwave is on, its (usually) her bottle heating up, so when I was defrosting some meat for dinner the other night, she was staring expectantly at me for about 5 mins!! I actually had to explain to her that it wasn't her food, it was daddy's, lol! Then this morning, I had an appointment with the doctor and he leaned in and said hi to her and she burst into to tears. All I could put it down to was that she thought she was having more immunisations! Bless her!


momma - October 20

the other day at my daughters 6 mo. check up she growled at the nurses when they cleaned her legs to prep. for her shots



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