Babies In Their Dreams

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Mariefe - December 6

I just wanna ask you ladies if your babies do dream too like mine? I have my 5 weeks DD and i noticed that she dreams frequently day and night and sometimes it really bothers her. There are times that i see her smile in her sleep (she cant smile yet when she's awake?), open and roll her eyes like she's communicating with someone but she is in her sleep!? Or suddenly she will cry shortly then continues to her deep sleep. Its funny to look at her sometimes but it also bothers her sleep. What are your experiences with your dreaming babies? Would be nice to read what you share here.. thanks!


ImpatientMommy - December 6

All of this is completely normal and it's probably not affecting their sleep as much as you think it is. It's completely normal to smile in their sleep before they can even do it while awake, my daughter was smiling in her sleep when she was still at the hospital and didn't smile while away until 8 weeks! She is 5.5 months and STILL does the little cry for like 2 seconds and then act like nothing happened all while asleep. Although if I think about it she never did that until like maybe 2 months ago and probably has done it like 5 or 6 times total. I don't think it's affecting their sleep unless they actally wake up!


January - December 7

my daughter is 4wks and does everything you are describing.. she does it daily.. the smiling, eye rolling, whimpering.. all normal.


gaudior - December 7

Our dd does the same thing... she even laughs in her sleep! A coworker told my husband that when a baby smiles in her sleep, she's talking to angels.


lmk - December 7

My ds does that...I think it's just gas. His tummy will bother him, and he'll start whimpering...


Allyson922 - December 9

My daughter, Alexis, is 10 days old now and she does those exact same things while sleeping. I love watching her when she sleeps, it's very entertaining.


mommybabyboy21 - December 9

EVERYONE dreams...they say that the baby's dreamed in our But they are very expressive in their sleep aren't they. its funny that you said it is like she is communicating because its an old wives tale that baby while they sleep are communicating with the angels that they just left behind, (I don't believe that but I thought it was a cute story) But as for things bothering her while she sleeps, babies in their dreams are reliving what they did that day or the day before...I noticed with my son he had to be in cast since he was 4 days old. and once a week they changed his cast and I always noticed on the day that he got his cast changed that night he always had a bothersome face while sleeping. and the night after his his operation when he was 2 months old he cried in his sleep for three days. :( but now he is happy and looks great.



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