Babies That Cry In Their Sleep At Night

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Dawn - February 13

I am having a nightmare at the moment with my 6 1/2 month old dd. For the past 2-3 months she has been crying in her sleep at night time, not just once but any where from 5-8 times during the night and each time I have to get up to her and put her dummy back in her mouth. I don't know why she it doing this. Has anyone elses baby done this and if sofor how long? Please help as dh and I going out of our minds with it.


shelly - February 13

dawn ,my ds did this at about 4 mnths or so and was still asleep but crying out and whimpering,he did this for about 2 months on the trot and then it just stopped.i was constantly putting the dummy back in his mouth ,in the end i had to keep about 3 dummys in the cot because when they came out of his mouth ,they rolled down the side of the cot and it was hunt the dummy at 3 in the morning,hopefully its just a phase with your dd like it was with my ds, sorry not much help but mine did this as well and he stopped about 6 months so hopefully dd will stop soon. now hes 7 months and just farts and laughs in his sleep lol. it did drive me mad as well because i didnt know why he was doing it. but where youve had it for the last 2 3 months its constant broken sleep. good luck she should grow out of it soon.


Dawn - February 13



mandee25 - February 13

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. I know what you mean about having to put the dummy ("pacifier" right?) back in LO's mouth all the time. I think ds waits until I get all comfortable in bed and almost asleep when he decides to pop the dummy out and cry for me to pop it back in. lol He does this about 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night usually when he gets settled back to sleep. I feel for you though.


Dawn - February 14

Well last night was a little better, not sure why. She normally sleeps from 8.30pm until 6am but cries lots inbetween, however last night she went to bed at 8.30 and woke at 2am for a feed which is a little strange for her, but she didn't cry inbetween that time. She went back to bed at 2.30am and woke again at 7.30am and only cried twice.


jwhite - February 14

babies have nightmares.. My dd is 6 and a half months and she does that every once in a while, she will jsut belt it out and I go in rub her back and tell her night night and she goes rightr back to sleep.


hutcho1984 - February 16

My dd cries and laughs in her sleep. This has went on for the past 2 and a half weeks, i thought she was waking for feeds, every 2 - 21/2 hours so would get up and feed her thinking it was a growth spurt. But after reading this thread it made me wonder, so a few nights ago instead of feeding her i had a proper look and she was actually asleep, so i left her. and finally last night for the first time ever she slept throught the night!!! I am so happy, i thought it was never going to happen. So Dawn thanks loads for posting this thread!, you have saved me from the sleepless nights. Nicola xx


Nita_ - February 16

my 7 month old dd has started doing this as well! I've put her back on my b___b and she would go back to sleep, but again wake up a couple of hrs later. Finally I gave in and brought her back into our bed and kept popping my b___b in everytime she cried. She cries like she's been hurt or something, poor thing, it breaks our heart hearing her! She has her eyes closed though, so now am wondering if it's nightmares or her teeth hurting(she's teething!). I hope it goes away before I start to walk around like a zombie!


Dawn - February 16

Lucy went to bed at 8.30pm last night as usual and woke at 6.00am for a feed but cried in her sleep 6 times in between that time. I am so tired today, this has to stop soon.


shelly22 - February 16

My son does this when he's teething. He sometimes will be crying like he hurt himself and I'll run to his room and he's sleeping. It freaks me out!! Is there a chance your dd is teething?



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