Babies That Sleep In Therir Own Room ALONE

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andy - October 19

My dd will be 7 months next week and we are finally changing her ¨to her own room ... the thing is that I am a little worried , we have like 2 different monitors , one with camera but I don´t know if she will be ok ... she is still waking up at night ... sometimes just now... but I still worry ... when did you change your lo ???


excited2bemama - October 19

At 2.5 months she went from her Basinette next to our bed to her own crib in her own room. It is litereally RIGHT next to our room. I wasn't ready but I had to be b/c she was getting to big for the basinette- plus we were waking her up when we went to bed. It was hard at first but I got used to it really quick. I have the moniter on (just audio, no video) full blast even though I am sure I an hear everything without the moniter. Its impossilble not to worry but you will get used to it quickly and its nice to have you own room with Dh again where tou can turn on the lights and talk without waking your lo.


wailing - October 19

I put ds in his own room across the hall (short hall) at 5 wks. He was sleeping in a ba__sinett in our room, but he hated it, so would eventually end up in bed w/ us. At 5wks we decided to try sticking him in his crib. He LOOOOVED it. I think it's better for them b/c they don't have US interrupting them for every sound they make. I'm sure at 7 months ur lo will be fine. They are strong physically now, and the chance of SIDS at this age is much much lower. Also, it will help both of u get some good rest. Good Luck, I know it's hard. I keep ds's monitor by my head on our nitestand. It's a comfort to be able to see him. I don't know how they did it w/ out monitors w/ screens b4!!!


Mrs.Ireland - October 19

My dd is 13 weeks and has been sleeping her her own crib for a month now. She wakes up at least one time a night. She'll go to bed at 9:00-9:30 and wake up anywhere between 4:00 or 4:30. I use to have a monitor right next to me, but then I wasn't sleeping because I could hear everything, I could hear her breathing even, which is good but then you won't get sleep. I use to be worried to, but if they need you, they'll let you know. We also tilted the head of her crib,so she isn't laying flat. I think my hubby just put a punch of pillows under the mattress, works great.


DDT - October 19

When my ds was 6wks old he went into his own room by himself. I have a monitor that I keep right next to my bed even to this day (he's 8 months). If you keep it fairly loud you can hear every peep they make. Could if ask? what are you worried about? Sids?


DDT - October 19

*Could I ask?


alida - October 19

My dd is 8 mo next week. She has been sleeping in her own room since day 1. Her room is very large so we have a queen bed in there...I slept with her for the 1st month (I was afraid our dogs would disturb her in our room in the ba__sinett) and then started sleeping in my own bed again. I have a monitor next to my bed and love that I can see and hear her. I think you are doing the right thing...the longer they sleep w/you the harder it is to have them sleep in their own room...and I've heard harder for the parents as well. GL


DB - October 19

My dd went to her room at 8 weeks. I cried the first night..but I got over it quickly. She was just fine all alone!! For the first 2 months I'd get up at least 1x per night to check on her. Now, I can't imagine sleeping in the same room with her! She kicks, even in her sleep! Don't worry, she will be just fine! It will be hard the first couple of nights but then everyone will be fine :)


Gretta - October 19

I did it at 6 months and she is 7.5 now and it was the hardest night but each day it got better and she sleeps better and its nice to get our room back! Don't worry - just tell yourself you will try one night and see how it goes!! Good luck.


Terio - October 19

At 5 wks my daughter moved into her own room and the transition was as smooth as I could have hoped for (better actually). It was right when she started sleeping a bit longer stretch, so very little back and forth between the rooms. Andy, you said you are worried ~ about what, in particular?


andy - October 19

I worry about a lot of things ...mostly paranoia , since she has 2 monitors , the video one and another that is for sids , its one that bips everytime she breathes so for that I am ok ... I worry about ... mmm I dont know we live in a good neighborhood and its very unlikely that someone could get in but mmmm ... Its just plain stupidity I know ... but I have to do it , we have had no life for the last mopnths since we weren't able to see tv or do anything from the moment she was sleep till the morning ... well we wil give it a try tonight .... thanks :)


pregnant76 - October 19

We moved dd at 11 weeks. I woke up ALOT the first couple of nights. We tried the angelcare breathing monitor but we didn't like it. We had false alarms and it wasn't very sensitive. We also have a Sony baby monitor and we could actually hear every move and breath that she took. It was comforting at first but we turn it way low now.


britt_m - October 19

Tonight is the first night! My dd is 4 1/2 months and slept in the ba__sinett til 3ish months then got too big, so switched to a packnplay with ba__sinett. I moved that into her own room, then I'll switch her to her crib. She moves a lot, I've let her play in her crib while I was folding and putting her clothes away and she got her leg stuck inbetween the bars : (, so I may wait longer to put her in the crib for the night. I layed her down drowsy as usual and she screamed for over an hour. I kept going back in to comfort her but no way, she just looked around and fussed, I rocked her and she immediately closed her eyes and settled down, but the moment I set her down, ugh! I couldn't even get her to eat in her room (bf). So I took her in our room and she stopped fussing, ate and fell asleep, so I walked her into her room and layed her down really drowsy and half-awake, and she fell asleep. I sure hope this gets easier!


Kims_new_belly - October 20

hi daughter just turned 7 months on the 13th......and she's been in her own room for 9 days........I know what your feeling.....I'm always askin hubby.......did you lock the door.....the windows locked.........he looks at me so wierd....LOL,,,,and I get up at every peep she makes in the monitor,,,,,she's sleeping way better already tho I can say......when she slept 6 hours straight i woke up in a panic and went to check on her......and I woke her up accidently....LOL gets a bit easier with each day.........just a bit...haha


mandee25 - October 20

At 5 months my ds was moved to his own crib in his own room. Everybody got more sleep after that.


jodie - October 20

My little girl was 5 wks when we moved her. She is 13 weeks now and sleeps great in there alone and only wakes to eat at 5am. The baby moniter is great we still use it.


Allisonc79 - October 20

I feel safer with dd with me for now, she is 13 weeks as well and still wakes up sometimes once a night. But I like being right there to pick her up. I just prefer it that way, just do it when you feel comfortable.



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