Baby Acne

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Stephanie - May 30

Hi! A couple of days ago I noticed a small bump on my baby's eye. I didnt think anything of it, but now it has I guess spread to her forehead. They are small red bumps. She doesnt cry if you touch them or anything, but I am just getting concerned. Anyone else seen this on their baby. Please let me know. I am calling the doctor first thing in the morning, or is this a bigger concern and should I call today.


stephanie - May 30



Lisa - May 30

Are they the hormones coming through from your b___stmilk? this usually happens at about 6 weeks


Toya - May 30

Hi Stephanie! My baby is 3 weeks 1 day old and has developed mild baby acne on her cheeks and a little on her forehead..The ones on her cheeks have turned into white heads...They come from the hormones of pregnancy. During the last month of pregnancy, the same hormones that cause the lungs to develop in the baby are the same hormones that cause major oil production in the baby's is normal and subsides naturally in a few weeks...or atleast by the time the child is 6 months. Remember acne starts a few layers under the skin and so it may not be visible at birth...and in a couple weeks it makes it's way to the skin's surface...just like in adults. Use nothing but water on the baby's face...or a mild baby soap.


stephanie - May 31

thanks for the responses, I was wondering, I know the doctor says it will get better on its own in like 4-6 months, but I was wondering does anyone know of anything that will help?? We were going to have pictures made but her poor face is red and blotchy. Any advice?


Toya - May 31

Make sure she isn't overheated or sick, because these conditions aggravate baby acne. Keep her face clean from her own saliva and from milk, because this can also irritate the condition.


Stephanie - May 31

Thanks Toya. I have started just washing her face with water. The doctor told us not to use soap or anything on her face, so I havent but I am getting desperate.


Toya - June 1

Stephanie, I understand. My pumpkin has baby acne and it looks like it itches...but it doesn't itch to her...I wipe down her mouth after feeding and her face twice per day.


Liz - June 1

Stephanie, don't worry. My baby is 2 mos old today. About 2 weeks after birth he also got baby acne pretty bad. I felt like you. I wanted some medication or something to make it go away. They did also tell me it'll go away and for a while I wasn't sure...2 mos later, his face looks great and has cleared (it actually took about a month or so, it varies). Every once in a while if he's hot or upset I may see little red bumps here or there but nothing like before. It does go away, unfortunately not fast enough. My doc told me also to wash the face with a mild baby soap or just water, nothing else is neccesary. My pediatrician also told me a little hydrocortisone cream 1% or less can help with dryness or itchyiness but isn't really needed. Ask your doc if you feel better too! that's what there their for :).


P - June 3

My daughters cleared up after a couple of weeks without any treatment. I was worried because it looked so bad but my doctor said he'd seen babies without a patch of normal skin visible!! I felt much better since hers wasn't nearly so bad. Just leave it alone, wipe away any milk and try to not let her get too hot because it will aggravate it and make it look worse than it is. Good luck.


Jenny - June 16

My baby was the same until The dr told me to use dimesize of Hydrocortisone 1% ointment make its says ointment and not cream. I forget why? And then told me to rud a little of Eucerin mosisturizing creme for sensitive skin. When I did this it was gone in a week. I didnt have to wait months but still the dr about this creams (both I got at Walgreens).Hope this helps.



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