Baby Acting Very Peculiar After Shots

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cd - February 21

my dd got her 2 mo. shots on thurs (2-16) and has not been quite right since then...she is not sleeping as well as she normally does (staying up for 8 and 9 hours at a time) not eating normally ( she wants to nurse every 1-1.5 hours she is exclusively bf) and she just seems miserable...she is very cranky and grouchy and drooling a lot, and i just noticed now that her poop looks funny too (sorry if tmi) but it just looks kind of stringy. now i don't knowif i am reading too much into i am a first time mommy and i know we tend to do this sometimes...i am going to call the ped. office tomorrow and talk to the nurse, but i was wondering if any one had any similar experiences to put my mind at rest for the nite???? please any input would be helpful and thank you in advance!!!


Jennifer - February 21

That makes me very nervous. My dd is going to be 2 months on the 28th and she will be getting those shots to. My ped told me to bring baby tylon. to my appt. I am sure she is going to be fine. I can only imagine how my fussy/colic dd is going to take them. Good luck and I hope your baby starts getting back to normal soon.


twist - February 21

My son was the same after his recent 3month vaccines. He would cry over the smallest things, and his cry was so quiet and sad it broke my heart. His poop was also strange for a couple of days, I guess it was his body getting rid of all the nasties from the vaccines. After a few days he was back to his happy old self, but it was enough to make me really look into vaccination and we have decided he wont have any more. We gave him paracetemol (Tylonal?), which helped him sleep better.


katie - February 22

same here, twist. ours was the same way - and just zoned out of it. we aren't getting any more either. hope yours gets to feeling better, cd.


Heidi - February 22

Give them tylenol every four hours. Emma was fine at her 2 month shots. I gave her tylenol when we got home and she was totally acting herself but now at her 4 month shots she was very fussy the next day, hardly ate, would scream when you touched her legs. We gave her Tylenol every 4 hours and she napped a lot and didn't eat much but by the 2nd or 3rd day she was back to normal. It's all normal. Just watch for a fever.


pbj - February 22

They usually are not themselves for about 48 hours, if it lasts longer than that I would call the ped immediately. My dd have no trouble with her 2 mth shots...she barely cried and didn't even run a temp...she's much tougher than me, of course I cried the whole time.



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