Baby Adisyn S Diagnosis

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preggosauce - January 31

For those of you who remember baby Adisyn was admitted about a month ago for breathing problems...well they released us last monday without any real diagnosis (they thought MAYBE she was aspirating food but weren't sure). She didn't need oxygen anymore and her breathing had slowed down...well that night I noticed her breathing picking up again, and by Saturday were back in the hospital. I noticed Saturday night that when she would sleep she would get really pale. Well, they immediately put a feeding tube in and within 24 hours she was off oxygen and breathing slower. So, YAY, it looks like the diagnosis is for sure aspiration. Which is bad, but at least its not a life-threatening disease or something she won't grow out of. The thing I've learned through all of this is, you know your kid, if you notice anything that isn't normal for them, take them in. I almost overlooked her breathing fast because I didn't want to be one of those moms that worried about every little thing....but you can't ever be too careful. We are still in the hospital but should be released tonight or tomorrow. Adisyn and I also made our local newspaper...front page even (which was a little embarrasing)...anyone interested in reading the it is (remove any dashes)...Thank you all ladies for your prayers!! columbian.-com-/-news/localNews/-01272007news-97941.-cfm


Steph - January 31

Oh I'm so glad they were able to figure out what was wrong with her and that it's not life threatening!! :o) You've been quite the super mom throughout this ordeal.....GOOD JOB to you!! Great newspaper story as well....and you are super lucky to live in Hawaii!! Hope your dh comes home safe and sound!


EMBERBABY - January 31

preggosauce, I am glad Adisyn was finally diagnosed and glad you are going home soon. I read the article, wow your story really reinforces my belief of always going with my gut feeling. As they say " Momma knows best." I believe that since God made us physically weaker than men he made us stronger spiritually, and he gave us, women, this amazing motherly instinct" I also read how proud your husband is of you and all your sacrifices. God Bless you and your family {{HUGS}}


kellens mom - January 31

So happy that all is well. I guess I did not know or recall that your husband had not met his daughter yet. You must be so excited for February 3rd to come. Blessings to you all!


LisaB - January 31

WOw I am so glad you finlly have an answer- You have been throug so much- hopefully things will start getting easier. Pround of you for following your instint- mom are amazing. Enjoy going home and hopefully enjoying some peace. BTW what kind of treatment will she be receiving?


LisaB - January 31

Just read your article- you are a very strong woman you have been through alot. I'm so happy baby Adisyn is getting better and gets to met her daddy soon. How wonderful.


sophiasmom - January 31

I have been trying to the newspaper webpage... can anybody tell what is the main website without the dashes? Greatly appreciated!


EMBERBABY - January 31

sophiasmom: main website is columbian dot com and the t_tle of the article is: A father's love from afar


EricaG - January 31

I'm so glad they found out what's wrong and that your husband is finally going to get to see his baby girl. :o)


drea - January 31

I'm so glad everything turned out ok for your lo. The saying is true to always go with your gut. Your a very wonderful mom. Best of luck to you and your family and I wish your husband a safe return home. Keep us posted on how baby Adisyn is doing.


sophiasmom - January 31

Wow... you are a great mom...I am gald that baby Adisyn is going to be well and she is going to meet her brave dad...Thank you Emberbaby for the website info... How the paper picked up your story? it is nice to hear good stories about families and endurance... we trully need more stories like yours...thanks for sharing..


mcatherine - January 31

You know, just when there is a time in my life when I start to think I have had enough and just can't handle one more thing- along comes your story - someone like you, like your family that reminds me of just how lucky I am. I am glad that your daughter is doing well and even happier to hear that in only days your family will finally, finally be together. There are so many people that thank the men that risk their lives to defend and protect our flag - but even I am guilty of forgetting to thank the wives for the sacrafices they make, too. So, thank you and thanks to little Adisyn for hanging in there! Good luck and best wishes to your family.


aurorabunny - January 31

You are a great momma and here's to hoping that your ordeal is over. We will keep you in our prayers.


Mellissa - January 31

i'm so glad ya'll have been able to get an actual diagnosis! i'm sure you're relieved. How are you doing with your hubby being deployed? how much longer does he have to go? We got lucky and my DH's commander had compa__sion and gave him emergency leave to come home from iraq when Diesel was born. He left the night the baby was born, and got home the day we came home from the hospital. If you ever need someone to chat with, who knows the frustrations of raising children while their husband is at war, please feel free to email me anytime! my email address is prissiemissie11 at


preggosauce - January 31

Hey ladies! thanks so much for all your kind responses! My husband is due to come home in July. He COULD have taken emergency leave when I gave birth but it would have been considered his leave and it was so early in the deployment we didn't want to do that. I'm holding up good. This is his second deployment and honestly the baby has kept me busy, which makes time go by faster. I'm SOOO freakin' excited for him to meet his daughter though....only a few more days!!


mindymay - January 31

i am so happy to hear of your good fortions. you are from vancouver wa? so am i, my son was born sept 18th at swmc.


preggosauce - February 1

I am from Vancouver Wa...I live in the Lakeshore area (well thats where I grew up) I now live in Hawaii but have been visiting my mom for the past 3 months. What part of Vancouver do you live? Our kids are close in age! Adi was born Sept 14...and Sept 18th is my birthday! Very cool!



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