Baby Almost Fell

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ally - November 19

I had my baby on the bed, stupidly and although i was right there, she got herself downwards and almost fell. If she had have would she have really hurt herself, its scary cause i am sure one day she will hurt herself and i am just glad i was there.. Is there head still quite fragile at that age as it doesn't seem soft anymore.


P - November 19

My daughter fell off the bed when I was sitting right beside her. I felt like such an a__s but she wasn't hurt in the slightest. She landed flat on her back and just kinda looked at me like "WTF?" I cried more than she did because I felt like such a horrible mother and was convinced something would happen to her and it would be my fault. She was about 4 months old at the time I think. Maybe five... Either way, babies fall off the bed A LOT just try not to leave her out of arms reach in the future. Good luck.


Sonya - November 19

Don't feel bad, when my first son was about 9 months my mother kept him at her house. She called me frantaic one afternoon that he had rolled off the of the changing table on to her hardwood floors. She was sobbing like crazy (he was fine). She was sooooo scared we would never let her watch him again. He had a big knot on his forehead but he was fine. She still apologizes to us and he's three and half!!!!


Crash Tumble Smash - November 19

babies bounce like a ball and bones very very rarely break . just remember kids are pros at bumps sc___pes falls etc . they can perform some real stunts right before your eyes and at first you will wonder how they survive but as time goes you will get used to it . Our first child didn't completely walk hands free until he was 13 months but from 5 months was insistant that he could so on bad days we made him wear a little tikes head bonnet/helmet because his head and the floor shared a very magnetic relationship sometimes a dozen times a day . That skull against hard floor sound is just awful but they are resiliant (sp) and he is fine and never had any injuries from it all . Like you we paniced but learned that it rarely is a problem if the fall is less than their own height .



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