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piratesmermaid - February 19

I have three dogs and I was wondering the best way to prepare them for baby before birth and how to introduce them to baby when baby comes home. We have an old beagle and two australian shepherds if anyone else has personal experience with those two breeds and infants...


Kerry - February 19

well I have a beagle also he's about 3 yrs old what I did is my husband brought a blanket that the baby had used in the hospital home before we came home and let Bryer sniff it. He's always been around kids which helped but as you know Beagles are known to be nasty sometimes so be careful I haven't had a problem but i'm lucky Bryer is such a suck , As for thr Blue heelers they are very pushy dogs they like to heard things naturally but they are also VERY protective involve them as much as possible I can remember being pregnant and my beagle would lay on my side and when the baby kicked he was very surprised he was barking at my stomach LOL.He now is best friends with my daughter she's 10 months old now and she loves him too we still watch very carefully even more now that she's mobile the only thing my dog hated was when she was crawling and I think that was because she was at the same level as him, he felt challenged just keep a close eye and never think for a moment that your dogs would never do anything because you'd be surprised even more so if they are older dogs.


piratesmermaid - February 19

The blanket is a good idea. The beagle we have, is my husband's dog, and she and I only tolerate eachother. Australian shepherds aren't as territorial as blue heelers, which are australian cattle dogs. The aussies are both puppies, when the baby comes they'll be just over a year old each, so I hope they'll become more accepting of the new baby then the 8 year old beagle.


selena - February 19

My daughter is 9 weeks old and we have an older Australian shepherd(10) and a rott/shep mix(7) plus 2 cats. The dogs both did pretty well adjusting to the baby, but I did notice that some stress relate behavioral issues have surface in my Aussie. Sha has taken to eatting holes in any baby clothes that she can get a hold of and when we go away from home she now gets onto the garbage which she never did before. I haven't seen the slightest hint of animosity directedat the baby but I still don't trust either dog 100%. A lady I knw just had her GS put down because it bit her 7 yr old sn in the face. He now has to have plastic surgery for extensive damage andthat was a dog that had known him her whole life.


jas - February 19

We hve two Siberian huskies - We had them before my 11 year old was born... We did the blanket thing and made sure they were not in his room - not because of behavorial things, but because of the dog hair :) Our male dog took to my son very well, the female was indifferent. Now that I am pregnant again, they both look at me like I am nuts for doing this again so late (our male is now 14 years old and our female is 12). Long story short, they adjusted. It's no different then preparing a sibling if you think about it. Good luck


Kerry - February 20

LOL my dog loves to kiss my girl she even goes to him to get a kiss it's gross but she hasn't gotten sick from him.


some suggestions I have - February 20

heard for before birth is to play recordings of a baby cring to get the pooches ready for this new noise. See how they react ect. A dolly might be required or just a few blankets wrapped up to lllok like baby in your arms. The recordings are to get them used to the sound of a crying baby, the dolly or baby subst_tute is so they get an idea of where the noise is coming from and learn that they can't jump up on you when you have the baby in your arms. I imagine it would take a few weeks to get them acclimated, my doggy was so old that he didn't care one way or the other. He always had a very good disposition around children, even annoying ones. I wish he was still around because I think he would have made a great playmate for baby.


piratesmermaid - February 21

It's great to get all your replies. And to see some other moms-to-be that have aussies as well. Thanks for your answers!!!



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