Baby Astrology

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ssmith - February 18

My baby is a Taurus, and I was looking up the traits and characteristics of the baby taurus online....and they right on!! Anyone else into astrology? I think it's kinda fun. I am an Aries, and the traits that describe an aries are me to a tee!!!


apr - February 18

I am very much into astrology lol. can u send me a link to the site?


Erin1979 - February 18

I'm an aries as well. DH is Aquarius and DD is right on the cusp of being a Leo, but is a Virgo....I think she has a lot of traits of a Leo though!!


Deirdra - February 18

im a cusp of cancer and gemini and if you mix the two completely im husband was born two months early as a cancer but he has no cancer you think it should go by when he was due to be born?


sophandbob - February 18

I am a typical pisces, except for the sea and fish fetish that some people suggest are traits - in fact I can't stand either!!


krnj - February 18

My son is a Pisces, dh and I are both Aquarius and the new baby will most likely be a Leo. I want to get my son's chart done. I had mine done years ago & it was so right it was scary!


ssmith - February 18

The site I went to was family.astrology "dot" com/babiesIndex "dot" html


mosley12 - February 18

ds is scorpio...and that fits him to a t! im scorpio too, so dh deals with both of us!


bradylove - February 18

OMG!! I have a Taurus and a Virgo and that is soooo them!


apr - February 18

I checked it out on a baby astrology site (cant remember what its called-if anyone wants to know I can go back and check) and it was bang ds. So funny... he's a Leo


DeeJay - February 19

My question is I had my dd 2 weeks early for a planned c sect. So is her birthday then or 2 weeks later on her "due date"?


KLT - February 20

I'm an Aries, dh is an Aquarius and ds is a Libra... which i'm am so glad about! Do any of you look at the Chinese astrology? I have this book that gives all the Chinese astrology then combinds it with Western astrology. Very interesting!



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