Baby Bad Breath Is This Okay

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evae777 - October 22

my son is 9 mths old and he has good hygiene, he has four teeth and we brush it morning and night, but sometimes when iget really close to smell his breath, it doesn't smell too great. i know it will never be like when he was a newborn and drinking only milk, but really... i thought kids were supposed to have good breath. does this mean he will grow up to naturally have bad breath? i don't know why this concerns me. i think it is because i dated this guy when i was in college who had that natural bad stomach breath & i just could not be with him no matter how much i liked him and i'm worried my son won't be able to keep a girlfriend! please don't laugh at my speculation :(


PigletCamm - October 22

This might not be your issue at all but I just wanted to let you know for the longest time i thought my son had bad breath but it turns out to be his nose. He suffers from a dry nose so his snot or bouggers whatever you may want to call them get hard and start to stink up his nose. Because of this i have to use a saline nasal spray to help remove the snot and the smell.


gabby509 - October 22

I don't have any advice for you, but I had to comment because I thought it was so funny, not that he has bad breath but about the ex boyfriend thing. My ex was like that and I used to make him chew gum adn eat mints all the time. I was always worried that my friends would notice and make fun of me for being with someone who had bad breath, haha. And like piglet said it may be his nose or it could be a certain food that he's eating. I worry about those kinds of things too, haha.


Malica - October 22

Are you brushing just his teeth, or his gums too? (One needs to brush the gums as well, just as with an adult)


evae777 - October 23

hey ladies, thanks for the input, Malica i brush his gums and his tongue. dh and i are serious about hygiene. and i guess his breath doesn't smell bad as in rotten bad, just not super fresh all the time. piglet, i t may be his nose, he always has some huge buggers up there and i can never get rid of it. gabby, that is funny about your ex. i swear i would've ended up with this guy if it wasn't for his breath. and gum didn't help him either. and it wasn't the smell of a bad tooth, it smelled like it naturally came from his stomach. like a cabbage smell is the best way to describe it. what is so weird is that for the past year i keep having dreams of that ex. i'm not and never was super crazy about him, he was just my first sweetheart when i was in high school so i think that is what made it so meaningful. last night i dreamed that i saw him again and was tempted to cheat on my husband. i woke up and thank God that i was with my husband! i feel like i am betraying my dh in my sleep for almost a year! that is terrible isn't it? but dh is truly my #1 choice no doubt about that. anyways sorry i rambled on with the ex story, glad to know i wasn't the only one!



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