Baby Bathroom Products

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Shannah - June 14

Hello, can anyone tell me which products they think are the best for their baby when it comes to shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. I am due in August and just wanted to pick up some stuff. Thanks


Jamie - June 14

Anything lavender - it really DOES soothe the baby. I like the Baby Magic lavender. I also love Huggies Shea b___ter baby shampoo.


JEN - June 14

Jamie- I love the baby magic lavender fact, I have started using it as a body wash LOL! I also prefer the foam shampoo b/c it does not drip into their eyes. We have always used johnson's for everything else. I use good old vaseline to prevent diaper rash. Good luck with your delivery!


Ginny - June 14

I love all the products mentioned, but I thought I would warn you not to stock up too much in case your baby has a skin allergy. That happened to me and it's lucky I like the products, because now I use them, too!


Jamie - June 14

What we did was get a bunch of the trial-size of different products, to check for skin allergies, and also to check and make sure you like the scent. That way, you're not wasting a whole lot of money on something that might not work for you.


bbelmore - June 14

I also love the Huggies Shea b___ter line. I use the lotion to ma__sage James when he's cranky, it smells nice and is sensitive on his skin. If you use a regualr shampoo ( not foam) I find that lathering it up in your hand before putting it on baby's hair works in the same way. no drips, no tears!


Annette - June 14

Aveeno baby has been the best for us because everything else I tried was too scented and caused my baby rashes. For diaper changes, Vaseline! The cheapest thing on Earth and sooo efective.


Bree - June 14

My baby's dr said to use the aveeno products due to sensitive skin. They are great but I miss the scent of the Johnson & Johnson's calming (white w/purple writing). I still use it sometimes. It's great.


Mel907 - June 19

Arbonne baby products are great. Natural ingredients and very gentle. A friend gave us some as a gift and I love 'em.


jas - June 19

Getting trial sizes of different kinds is a GREAT idea - cause you never know what your lo might be sensitive too... My ds loves the lavender Johnson and Johnson lotion - I put it on him after a bath as part of the night time ritual... It really helps...


Sarahsmommy - June 19

I like the Johnsons and Johnsons head to toe wash. I makes it easy to just use one product for a bath. I also like the lavander products, I found that target makes one that is the same thing for about the fourth of the price as Johnson and Johnsons. Also for diaper rash I like Dr. Bouxdeus (sp) b___t paste, it smells really good and works well.


Narcissus - June 19

I like both Aveeno and Burt's Baby Bee products. We have used the generic Walmart version of Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash but I prefer products that are free of harsh chemicals. If we have extra money for the month, I will splurge on some better products for my son. Burts Baby Bee makes a soothing, all natural Apricot Bath Oil and it was great for my son's dry skin during the colder months. I love the smell, too. Burt's Baby Bee has a wonderful body lotion as well.


Ang - June 19

We use to J&J Bedtime bath and lotion for Gabriel's nighttime routine as well as the head-to-toe moisturizing hair/body wash to help with is cradle cap and dry skin. I find tehy all work well and looove the life brand diaper creme.



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