Baby Bathtubs

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pbj - June 22

It's time to move on to a different baby tub. I have heard conflicting opinions on the bath seats, some people I've spoken with feel they're unsafe while others like them. Also I've seen little inflatable baby tubs that fit into the regular tub, they suggest 7 mth and older, but I'm curious if anyone here has used them. Any suggestions would be great. Right now I'm bathing with Mattea, but I think it's time to stop that now before it becomes a hard habit to break her from. Thanks ahead of time.


Bonnie - June 23

Bump....I want to know this too. Mason is beingt bather on a pillow but he is getting very squirmy on it. He can't completely sit up alone yet though he is close. I'd like some suggestions too!


Jamie - June 23

I started Serenity out in a baby tub that converted to a bath seat. When she got too big to lay back in the tub (and when she learned to flip it over) I converted it to the seat and put it in the big tub. I used it as a seat once, and then just started getting in the tub with her. Now I sit on a stool next to the tub. I think with everything, it depends on the product itself - maybe check the reviews on for different bath seats, or go to the store and look at them. I think the main things to look for are whether they will slide around on your tub, whether your baby can slide out between the legsholes, how easy it is to clean your baby in them, that sort of thing. Good luck.


Narcissus - June 23

Check out our bathtub at - It worked really well until my son turned one and it saved a lot of water.


Crissy - June 24

We have one of those big inflatable tubs that goes in the regular tub, and its a huge duck that quacks.. lol. Its really cute! Anyway, dd fits well in it, and its nice and cushiony, so I know she's comfortable. She seems to like it okay, but she has never really liked baths in the first place. She tolerates this one and likes it more than the sink I think. :-) So far we haven't had any problems with it and it even has suction cups on the bottom so you can suction it to the wall for it to dry.


nic nac - June 25

oh, narc what a handsome baby boy!! you look great too!! Aaliyah has the same exersaucer but I noticed one toy was different. Does Aja like his exersaucer? I have tub issues too, that tub you have looks user friendly.


Narcissus - June 25

Thanks, nic nac:) The tub worked like a charm and it kept his b___t seated unlike now. He outgrew that finally and he won't stay seated for anything. He loves his exersaucer, even today, but now he plays with it from the outside. Hey, did you ever figure out what that d__n turtle says?? It sounds like, Pee-A-Bee! Any clue?


SonyaM - June 25

We have the inflatable one and have loved it. We used it with our first son for a really long time and saved it for our next child. We started using it with Mason when he could sit una__sisted. Now that he is almost 9 months old we just bathe him with his brother in the big tub as it is easier to do both together. It was a great investment.


Crissy - June 25

Narc, I don't know how I missed your link there, but you do have a cutie pie!! Oh my goodness, he's gorgeous!! And we have the same little tikes baby scooter that you have in your pic, though my dd hates it.. lol.


Narcissus - June 25

HeHe! My son hates it, too. He won't ride it but he likes to flip it over and spin the wheels.


Bonnie - June 25

He is definately a the poofy cheeks! Narcissus, you are one hot mama too...what's your secret?


Bonnie - June 25

And if you say MJ I'm gonna die laughing! rofl


Annette - June 25

TOTALLY OT, but Narcissus, with all due respect.... I HATE YOU!!!!! You look TOO GOOD! I am losing fistfuls of hair, my belly looks like a deflated souffle, my thighs sparkle when I walk, I have got celullite up to my gums and if I smile wide I can touch my puffy eyes. THIS IS NOT FAIR!!!!


Annette - June 25

... and should I add, Aja is a little prince....


Bonnie - June 25

"I am losing fistfuls of hair, my belly looks like a deflated souffle"...LMFAO!!!............we can be bald together, WTH is up with that???!!!! And teh soufflee part...oh yeah, I can relate ~sigh~


Annette - June 25

Not that I had an ironing board before getting pregnant but at least it didn´t touch my knees when sitting @ the toilet. And the hair.... OMG.... Everyday I sweep I don´t know if I should throw away the hairball or name it, put a lash around it and take it out for a walk.... it is SERIOUSLY scary!!!!


Annette - June 25

"ironing board belly" that was....



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