Baby Benedryl

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Atira36 - November 19

We are flying across country this week with a 7 month old who can be very fussy. Some people have recommended giving him baby benedryl to help with his ears & to also possibly make him sleepy. I contacted my doctor & was told it was safe to give him 3/4 teaspoon but to try it out prior to flying to make sure he doesn't have an adverse reaction to it. Has anyone tried this? If so, did it make your baby tired or wired? I think I'll try it tomorrow. Thanks!


DDT - November 19

I typed "Is Benadryl safe for babies" into Google. Check out: &


pregnant76 - November 20

Atira, please be careful. Just within the past month the FDA has stated that antihistamines are not safe for infants/children under 6.


Atira36 - November 21

I don't think I am going to use it now after reading about it online. Thanks! I'll just give him some Tylenol to soothe his ear pain if any.


Kara H. - November 21

I use benadryl for my LO's motion sickness for long car rides. But our ped told us WAY less than what yours did. We only give 1/4 of a teaspoon


kimberly - November 21

There was a incident in a daycare near where I live, the caretakers were giving the infants benadryl to help them sleep longer. The benadryl eventually built up in thier systems and one of the babies died. Of course legal action was taken against the worker. Benadryl is safe to use if used properly but it does build up in thier system after continued use and can cause death. I would be very careful on dosage amounts and only use it for the flight. I personally wouldn't use it just because of the potential risk.


KimS - November 21

Atira, I just flew with my ds, he was 9 months, my doc recommended Advil instead of Tylenol since it lasts 6 hrs not 4... just a thought, I know my ds had no problem with his ears, I just kept a soother close by and kept putting it in his mouth, once he threw it behind us and I had to wait until the seat belt light was off to get another one and he was fine..Good luck!!


Atira36 - November 22

I don't even think I will bring it with us now. My son doesn't take a pacifier so I am hoping he'll want to eat when we take off- but who knows. I'll give him Tylenol at least. I leave tomorrow morning & am so nervous! I am at least grateful that my husband will be there too. Plus, I upgraded us to the front row w/ lots of leg room! Wish me luck! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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